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[Article] – Some Of The Best Film Riffs In ‘Spaced’


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With news of Simon Pegg playing Unkar Plutt, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Jessica Hynes helping raise money by appearing in this years Comic Relief, it’s a great time to revisit Spaced. In order to celebrate this wonderful British sitcom I thought I may share some of best favourite film moments scattered through the series.

The Empire Strikes Back

The near end of the penultimate episode is a homage to the end of Star Wars Episode V. Mike becomes Chewbacca and Brian is Han Solo. Daisy and Tim are Luke and Leia of course. John Williams’ actual score is used here which lifts the whole thing.

Blade Runner

Now, this is from a deleted scene from Series 1. Tim and Bilbo (Bill Bailey) are discussing a porn film: ‘The Duke of Knockers’. Bilbo wasn’t impressed so he put on Blade Runner and had ‘a wank.’ There’s also some great Klingon head-gear and watch out for Bill Bailey Yoda impression…

Jurassic Park

Dwayne (Peter Serafinowicz) is beaten up by a group of youths. Dwayne suddenly realises that he’s been secretly flanked, moments before being pounced upon he borrows some famous last words from Bob Peck’s Robert Muldoon; ‘Clever boys.’ Very good.

2001: A Space Odyssey

In the second episode of series one where Daisy stares into the freezer, Tim pops up in the background whistling ‘Daisy, Daisy…’


Tim and Mike enter Robot Wars with Private Iron. As it boots up we are treated to a riff on Paul Verhoven’s 80s classic; as they discuss their robot; “I think we should lose the axe.” “I like the axe.” “I like my face.” “I like your face.” The best – Tim’s line; “I love this guy!”

These are just a few, there are loads of in-jokes, homages and film parodies. Go revisit Spaced.


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