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Article – September Films – 2014


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September Films – 2014

Well, isn’t just terribly cold now? The sun has finally having its last words and we can no longer bask in it. Good. While we are prepping our winter outfits, getting our wellies on and wrapping up in scarfs, those who burn from the suns rage will finally no longer be frowned upon for spending all our time in the shelter of cinema. Now, I know what you are thinking; the end of summer means the end of the blockbuster. While we are still reeling from the excellence of Guardians of the Galaxy and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes the massive movies dwindle down with only some autumn behemoths taking precedence later on. But September means the start of something new and the sea of films that are coming your way is too tantalising to dismiss.

The Riot Club

Probably the least expected on the list but the trailer is so interesting that it’s hard to let this be swept under the carpet with whatever Skin based teen romp it will be cluttered with. The Riot Club is based on a play by Laura Wade who has transferred her skills to write the film too. Starring Sam Clafflin, the movies is based around an archaic group of males at the prestigious Oxford University who, thanks to their inheritance, are indicted to an underground group. However, during one night, there rambunctious behaviour lands them in hot water and their violent mind-sets lead everything to go out of control. The trailer is promising and it looks like anti-hero and dark behaviour take centre stage in this already unnerving film.

The Riot Club is out 19th of September

Maps to the Stars

David Cronenberg directs this.

Oh wait, you wanted more? Ok. Well, already scooping up Best Actress for Julianne Moore, Maps to the Stars sees horror master Cronenberg take to the dregs of humanity with this thrilling piece. Centred on a wealthy Hollywood family, The Weiss’, it focuses on their escapades down the rabbit hole of insanity. Though trailers offer more on daughter Agatha’s relationship with fading starlet Havana Segrand, there is plenty of murky pasts and present mistakes that tantalise this movie. In a performance that is sure to clinch Moore an Academy nomination, Cronenberg’s efforts here feel like he is back in A History of Violence form and dabble in movies such as Sunset Boulevard and Barton Frink.
Maps to the Stars is out 26th of September

Wish I Was Here

Zach Braff caused quite a stir when he took to crowd funding site Kickstarter to launch his new film. This is the result of that phenomenal campaign and fans of The Garden State will be glad to see Braff back in the director’s chair. Wish I Was Here centres on washed up actor who is struggling to get a gig. Not to mention his father has stopped paying college tuition for his children and he must home school them. However, through teaching them, he finds a new stride to his life. Alongside Kate Hudson, Braff will delight fans with his (probably) witty script and humanistic comedy that made him so successful in his debut film AND hit television series Scrubs.

Wish I Was Here is out September 19th.

The Box Trolls

Laika is an animation studio that is less heard of when you fondly recall the best modern children’s animations. However, they have simply spellbound us with the likes of Paranorman and Coraline, giving creepy characters, wonderful sequences and colourful creations. Now the team is back. With the voices of Simon Pegg, Elle Fanning and Nick Frost, The Boxtrolls revolves around young Eggs, a boy who has spent most of his life being raised by a family of cardboard trolls. When another, eviler creature threatens their peaceful coexistence, Eggs and his family must fight back. For those who are anti-Disney and maybe those who love it, The Boxtrolls is a treat for young and old.

The Boxtrolls is out September 12th


British Comedies are a highlight in the film industry this side of the pond. While many have fallen somewhat flat compared to the lofty heights of Monty Python and Notting Hill, when a movie comes along with an incredible British cast and is based on a very important story. When the miners go in strike in Wales, they are stunned when a group of LGBT supports come to join their fight. The reviews are already stellar and the cast phenomenal. No way does a movie with Imelda Staunton, Bill Nighy, Dominic West, Paddy Considine and Andrew Scott go without just a smidge of excitement.

Pride is out September 12th.


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