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Screenwriters are often the unsung heroes of cinema despite being the heart of it. Sure, you can have an idea and perhaps an Oscar winner director, a golden crew and money galore. But if you don’t have that script, that hook to pull you in, then you are destined for disaster. Screenwriters are the soul of the film industry and they are the ones perhaps most forgotten; having to learn another trade before they become even remotely famous. Even then there are still only a handful of sole script writers.

So what better way to send up the bureaucracy and film industry than to write about being a down and out screenwriter? Here are the best;

Midnight In Paris

A lot of artists’ problems is that they are always upholding some nostalgia. There is always a golden age of cinema, a grand renaissance period or a better time of art. Well, what happens if you are a writer holding some sort of past on a pedestal and you got to visit it? That’s what happens in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris as Gil Pender (played by Owen Wilson) who discovers a portal to the 1930’s and meets famed artists like Salvador Dali and F Scott Fitzgerald. All while trying to write an award winning screenplay, maybe his antics can ignite his passions for screenwriting.

Barton Fink

Barton Fink is a cult classic film that is pretty much as Coen as you can get without being Fargo. It is a wonderful send up and poke at the holes in the Hollywood industry, especially the tryst between artist and studio owner. It is all about Barton Fink transits from New York playwriting to L.A cooperation machine. Ok, let’s not forget about the utterly crazy and insane neighbour Charles Meadows and some casual murder framing. If you’ve seen Inside Llewyn Davis, you’ll know how spot on the Coen Brothers are at getting the down and out artist tone write and Barton Fink is yet another excellent movie to their roster.


The now Oscar Winning Spike Jonze and the Oscar Winning Charlie Kauffman are perhaps some of the best writers out there, having won the top gong in their craft. With Jonze in the director’s helm and Kauffman penning the film, it’s no surprise that this is actually a post Con Air Nic Cage movie that makes him look semi normal. Adaptation is about Charlie Kauffman (who said writers were vain, aye?) who is struggling to write a screenplay for a novel named The Orchid Thief. Not only this but his twin brother has come to stay and is mooching from him. That’s right folks, why have one Cage when you can have two. This movie is all kinds of genius.

Seven Psychopaths

You know how difficult it is coming up with an idea for a film but having no oomph or follow through to complete a full script. Well, luckily for Marty Faranan, when his alcoholism and drug consumption takes a toll on his writing, he has a best friend to pull him through. Ok so Marty’s friend Billy isn’t exactly writing thought bubbles on whiteboards and is more, well, killing people to inspire Marty. And soon more psychopaths come out of the woodwork to help flesh out Marty’s script. With Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell at their highest level, Martin McDonagh’s movie about the criminal side of script writing tests exactly how far you’d go to score a big hit.

Sunset Boulevard

When it comes to writing a film about Hollywood, nothing comes as close as Billy Wilder’s triumphant Sunset Boulevard. Although it was met with a lot of contention (after all, it was pretty much on the ball when it came to 1950’s stardom,) it has since risen to be one of the most acclaimed movies of all time. Starring Gloria Swanson and William Holden, Sunset Boulevard tells the story of a down and out screenwriter who is taking into a web of fantasy when he meets a fading starlet who wants to gain her fame back. It’s reception has boomed and it is still significant today as it was back then.


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