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Article – Redemption Review: Passengers and Why It Is Better Than 31%


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Passengers and Why It Is Better Than 31%

Whether you’re a savvy film buff, or just an average movie-goer, i’m sure your interested was peaked by Passengers. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in space – what could go wrong? If you’re like me, sometimes your choice to see a movie in the theatre, or to wait until home video release (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, you choose) are based on reviews after the opening weekend… and if you’re also anything like me, you often regret waiting – having discovered the film’s quality at home.

So is the case with Passengers. I don’t know what people hated about this movie. I saw it’s trailer, which appeared to be half of an action movie, and I saw the Rotten Tomato percentage it was receiving… and I opted to wait. I was wrong, and so are many of the harsh critical reviews it has received. Here is my redemption review of Passengers and why everyone should see this movie immediately – It’s very good if you know what to expect.

Passengers is one of those film’s with a deceitful trailer – it shows Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence, following the success of Jurassic World, The Hunger Games & Guardians Of The Galaxy respectively, waking up early from a 100 year hibernation as they travelled through space to a new planet. The two enjoy some romantic evenings together, before something going awry with the ship; Everyone is asleep and these two are seemingly left alone to save the ship and everyone on it. The voice-over also leads us to believe that there are ulterior motives, and that they did not wake up by accident. I can tell you that this deceiving narrative portrayed by Passenger’s trailer is not an accurate reflection of the film itself – The actual plot is Cast Away meets Titanic meets Armageddon. Chris Pratt is in hibernation mode and his chamber malfunctions, causing him to wake up. He is stranded on the ship alone for a very long time and is extremely lonely and going seemingly insane. He sees a passenger hibernating and learns everything he can about her – No spoilers here because it happens in the first quarter of the movie – He wakes her up, and everything else that follows is exactly what anyone would do in this situation. You have to watch to see how their relationship unfolds and just how “action-y” the movie becomes.

One particular critic stated that “The charm of these two that we love is wasted on this movie.” That could not be more incorrect. The charm of these two is front and center the whole film. I believe this movie wouldn’t have worked if any two other stars had been cast. Pratt and Lawrence play off each other very well, in keeping with a charm equally apparent off screen during the film’s promotion. They simply play themselves – ‘believability’ is not a stretch when we see two actors encapsulate their characters perfectly. Should Lawrence & Pratt couple up again, i’ll be first in line!

The Cast Away moments happen when Pratt is alone on the empty ship, with lot’s of draining things to do. He spends his time exploring the ship and trying to figure out what’s happened and why he woke up. One line seriously gets the cogs turning; “If you were stranded on a desert island and you could wish someone there, would you do it, even though you know they are now stranded there too?” – pretty gripping huh? I have a feeling everyone would do exactly what he does next. The movie takes a turn down the ‘Titanic’ route when the love story begins, and you realize that this spaceship is basically a different version of a so-called ‘unsinkable’ ship. The ship has its malfunction, and so the drama and tragedy begins. The Armageddon route rears its head when it’s decision time; save the passengers and humanity? Or themselves? Cast Away meets Titanic meets Armageddon, get it? The best I can describe this movie, and it is certainly worth a watch.

Trailers can be deceptive. My new feature Redemption Review will review films that are promoted inaccurately – There are a lot of them! Passengers: Rent or purchase this movie and watch it without any preconceptions. It deserves more than the 31%, this movie deserves a second life. Get on this ship and ride it the whole way. You won’t be disappointed.

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