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Article – My Top Five Films of the Past Three Years


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My Top Five Films of the Past Three Years

Now you may be thinking; 3 is such an odd number isn’t it? Well, there’s a reason for that. Around 3 years ago, was when I first decided that I wanted to expand my film knowledge as much as possible. I’ve still got a hell of a long way to go, with a watch-list probably around 500 films long; but 2013 was the year I purchased my Cineworld Unlimited card, and made an effort to see every film that came out in the cinemas. 2013 was obviously the start, so the numbers grew every year, and last year, I had watched 196 new film releases in the UK, whether that be in cinema, online or on Netflix. And surprisingly, I’ve still had a very large social life.

This also means that I have seen a lot of very niche films, and I have decided to share that with you, so you can discover these lesser known gems.

But anyway, without further ado, here’s onto the list, from 5 to 1, of the top 5 films that have come out over the last 3 years you may not have seen, excluding 2016.

5) – ‘The Raid 2’ (2014), directed by Gareth Edwards

the raid 2 poster

Some of you may be thinking that this isn’t exactly a lesser known film. But you’d be surprised. When I first heard that this film was coming out, I knew it would be big. I’d never seen the first one before, so sought out to watch it the night before. I was blown away. ‘The Raid’ (2011) is probably in my top 5 films of all time after watching it, so I then went in to this with huge expectations. And it blew every single one out of the water. The action was incredible, and beautifully choreographed. And not only was there beautiful, fluid and pretty damn fantastic fight sequences all throughout; the story was incredible too. If the first is a contained action/thriller, this is definitely an action/drama. The mob elements worked incredibly, you really root for Rama in every scene as he goes undercover in the mob. And the last 20 minutes? Breath-taking. If you’re a fan of martial arts action films, or just film in general, this is definitely one to watch.

4) – ‘Premature’ (2015), directed by Dan Beers

premature poster

Now, you might be thinking, what? I’ve never heard of this. And I’m not surprised. If you look this up on iMDB, you may notice the date as 2014, but I have put it as 2015, due to its release in the UK, so technically either way, it still counts as within the last 3 years. Get it? Got it? Good.

The premise of this film? Oh I’m glad you asked kind sir, because, whilst not original, it’s pretty brilliant. It’s basically the ‘Groundhog Day’ (1993) of losing your virginity. Yes, you read that right, our hero has to relive the day again and again, until he loses his virginity right, resetting the day once he ejaculates.

I love a good teen comedy, especially one with a premise as hilarious as this. Yes, it may be low-brow, but damn does it make for a hell of an entertaining movie. Add in great performances from ‘Scream: The TV Series’s John Karna and Carlson Young, along with fantastic supporting roles by Alan Tudyk and Craig Roberts, makes a pretty darn good film you should check out.

3) – ‘Dom Hemingway’ (2013), directed by Richard Shepard

Dom Hemingway

“It looks like a barmaid’s snatch after a cup final weekend”. With fucking amazing lines like that, do I need to go on? I think this film is massively underrated. In my opinion, this is the best piece of work, and best character, Jude Law has ever done/portrayed. He’s completely unrecognisable, through the accent and mannerisms of the character, all I see is Dom Hemingway. This is just one of those films (like another further up my list…) that is completely dependent on the character, and the story is just a footnote. You watch this for what Dom is going to say or do next, not for incredible story arcs. In essence, he’s a huge dick. But he’s loveable. So with the fantastic character performance by Jude Law, fantastic side performances by Richard E. Grant and Emilia Clarke, and a fucking fantastic script with some of the best crude one liners, what more could you want.

2) – ‘The Voices’ (2015), directed by Marjane Satrapi

The Voices poster

I was so torn between this and number 1, in which I completely loved more. Fun fact though; both were my absolute favourite films of the years they came out. This beat 195 others.

In essence, you could kind of call this film an audition tape for ‘Deadpool’ (2016). The character Ryan Reynolds plays, is just insane. And he plays the schizophrenia so brilliantly. That being said though, the thing that you will walk away from this with, apart from a huge smile and ‘Sing a Happy Song’ in your head for hours (best credit scene in the history of film), is that you wish you were insane, just to spend a day with Mr. Whiskers and Bosco. The film is darkly funny, Ryan Reynolds is outstanding, along with Anna Kendrick and Gemma Arterton, and the colour scheme and general aesthetic of the film, are breathtaking. It’s a beautifully stylised film, that’ll leave you laughing throughout, and with a big smile on your face when it’s over.

1) – ‘Filth’ (2013), directed by Jon S. Baird

filth poster

Words cannot express my love for this film. Although I don’t watch trailers anymore, full stop (yes, I wait outside the screen until they’re done at the cinema), the trailers alone for this film, I can watch 1000 times over, because I was that excited for this movie. For James McAvoy to portray this character so brilliantly, and defy my already outstandingly high expectations of him, as my favourite actor, is a feat in itself. But honestly, this is actually career defining for him. The pure menace and devilish glee he brought to the role, perfectly captured the character, and somehow made him likeable. You lust to see him destroy the lives of the characters around him. And the soundtrack is just exquisite. I love the cinematography, and general look of this film, I love the performances in this film, I love the direction of this film, I love everything about this film. No film has kept me smiling throughout while watching it, every time I watch it, than this film. And it honestly makes me sad when people don’t appreciate it like I do.

So there we have it. 5 films that are now right up in your grill, ready for your viewing pleasure. And 4/5 of them are on Netflix. How handy.


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