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Article – Marvel’s World Domination


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Marvel’s World Domination

Yes Marvel is quite quickly dominating the superhero genre and even the Hollywood movie system as it seems with hit after hit of good movies, even taking huge gambles with certain films like Guardians of The Galaxy which have done a twist and become an even bigger hit then they themselves had imagined.


1st May 2015- The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron


Heck this has already finished off with wrapping up production and is currently fazing into the promotional stage. Starring all the Avengers again with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) Captain America (Chris Evans) Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) along with newcomers Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (Aaron Taylor Johnsson & Elisabeth Olsen) Joss Whedon returns in the directing chair to bring another action packed team up film and we all can’t wait.


17th July 2015-Ant Man


It’s been in production hell for longer than we all know BUT it seems to finally be getting it’s footing. Currently it has the cast lined up ready with Paul Rudd starring as the lead Scott Lang, a thief who takes the Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) invention gaining him the ability over becoming the size of an ant. Director Edgar Wright departed the film after having worked on it for over six years but we now have Peyton Reed taking over the directing chair. I see the Ant Man character coming into play for the phase 3 stage of the Marvel Universe with appearing in Avengers 3.


6th May 2016- Captain America 3


Another definite release is the net Captain America. Currently untitled and Chris Evan’s penultimate return to the Marvel Universe as budding American hero Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Be prepared to say a hand over of the stars and stripes shield in this film or possibly the Avengers 3 sequel. As Captain America comics go best friend Bucky Barns takes over the role as the Cap (with the latest iteration being side kick Falcon taking the role.) We look forward to seeing what’ll happen however it’s clear that the story will revolve around Steve’s and Bucky’s friendship with each other.


8th July 2016- Doctor Strange


Another newcomer to the series with Doctor Strange. This hero is a man by the name of Steven Strange (remember that name coming up in Captain America: The Winter Solider?) Strange is a former neurosurgeon who has his hands crippled. He eventually becomes the all mighty Sorcerer Supreme wielding many magical abilities and is the gateway to many other worlds in the Marvel Universe (such as the cosmos [space] seen heavily in Guardians of The Galaxy.) With the character and brought on the right way (but Marvel’s never failed us so far) I think we’ll find Steven Strange take over the Iron Man hole we’ll be missing once Robert Downey Jr leaves the series (which from the sounds of it will be after his contract which ends after Avengers 3!) So far the film hasn’t been given an official date nor are any cats linked to the role but be ready to see an older actor to take the role.


5th May 2017- Thor 3


Thor 3 might return with the previous instalment appearing in 2013 so this would make sense with usually a three year gap in-between films. Be prepared for Marvel to seriously step it up with Thor after Captain America’s second film topping the series then being broken by Guardians of The Galaxy. The second Thor film wasn’t brilliant (it was bad, just good) so I think Marvel will pull out something really good for this next film! Plus the return of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) which is always brilliant!


28th July 2017- Guardians of The Galaxy 2


This has already been announced! It was even announced by Marvel before the first film released but heck Marvel out done themselves this time with the first instalment. Be ready to return with Star-lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot (along with possibly a few new members with my idea being Nova and maybe Mantis?) I think we’ll find more of a tie in with the other Marvel films for this one to pull the characters into the next Avengers film.


3rd November 2017- Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel could possibly be the FIRST female lead film by Marvel and another addition to the Avengers series. I think we’ll see the introduction to the character in this date but I doubt we’ll see her introduction till Avengers 4 instead. Captain Marvel (also known as Ms Marvel) is a super powerful hero who has the ability of flight and strength.


6th July 2018- Avengers 3


Ah Avengers 3 when we haven’t even got Avengers 2 out the way yet! I predict w’ll see a face off with the Avengers team against big bad Thanos however they won’t necessarily beat the guy, nor will he be the initial bad guy. I think the characters will get more of a reveal for him and a slight face off with Thanos collecting the infinity gems from Earth. This allows a Guardians of The Galaxy throw in with Quill and team finding out whats going on with the gems in their sequel and chasing him down to Earth. Throwing in all the other past Avengers chaarcters along with Doctor Strange and Ant Man (to allow a hand off from Iron Man to Doctor Strange and Captain America to Ant Man as the leader) we’ll see a huge epic in scale of a film. Following this I think we’ll see a few Avengers members leave leading to the Avengers 4 in quite a few years with a few newer members and a hand over of cast.


3rd May 2019- Black Panther


Black Panther is almost the Bruce Wayne/Batman to the Marvel world. A leader in the comics for the Avengers series I think we’ll see this character crop up in perhaps the Avengers (If not even by name) but most definitely will be the follow up film allowing a sort of new direction of characters.


However I could be completely wrong with all of this and we might get all sorts of different films such as maybe a long awaited Hulk instalment or the Black Widow film everyone’s begging for. Heck the rumour going around at the moment is that Avengers 3 will be released in two parts but who knows! All we have to do is sit eagerly at our computers and await Marvel to unleash the tension and tell us what is just going on with their line up. One thing is for sure I cannot wait and Marvel is dominating!


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