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Article – January Films – 2016


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January Films – 2016

2016 is here! As we say goodbye to the last remnants of 2015, we are all a little bit sad that all the promise has gone – left with either disappointing or fulfilling films. But rejoice, film fans, there are a whole heap of movies coming your way that will satisfy your pangs for cinematic goodness. Between upcoming blockbusters, Oscar delights, and more goodness that you can shake your stick at, here’s just what January has in store for all us film fans!

Honourable Mention: Joy and The Danish Girl but they came out today so I don’t need to tell you to go watch it!

15th of January

Rocky may be the last film series on your mind when it comes to sequels and reboots but honestly, Creed looks outstanding. There are a bunch of critics that are lit up by the thought of seeing our ancient swaggering boxer back in the ring, teaching the son of his fellow opponent and trainer Apollo. With Michael B. Jordan shaking off the rust of his Fantastic Four low-point last year, this looks to be a pounding combination of action, passion, and emotional drama that we all need to illuminate the begging of this year!

Yakuza Apocalypse
6th of January

Takeshi Miike is insane. Like, his whole portfolio is filled with the most insane films ever that makes you feel like you are locked up in an insane asylum. Coming straight from whatever drugged fuelled dream he concocted, Yakuza Apocalypse is the answer to everyone really fucking bored with vampires. Marrying both the insanity of Miike and the intensity of The Raid producers populated, Yakuza Apocalypse revolves around an underworld where vampires reigned. Yeah. The dude who created Ichi The Killer is back with a vampire movie, this is certainly a must see.

The Hateful Eight
8th of January

Quentin Tarantino is back. Yes, baby, I said it. Our favourite ultra-violent director is back with yet another Western, following up on his 2012 smash hit – Django Unchained. Anyway, the man who causes so much controversy yet indulges us in his whimsy has returned for a film about eight tearaways who meet in an abandoned cabin and hijinks ensue. Sure, we are at that point with Tarantino where it would be nice for him to explore a completely different genre and didn’t need to blow someone’s brains out to do it but whatever the director does, he does greatly. And with cast like Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, and Samuel L. Jackson, this is going to be an exhilarating affair indeed!

15th of January

After catching tis movie at the BFI London Film Festival, I can honestly say that this is a movie you all must see. Revolving around 5 year old Jack, it sees he and his mother try and escape their surroundings after she had spent seven years locked up in a shed. Stirring and powerful drama, Room is led by a stirring performance by Brie Larson -equally matched by the young Jacob Tremblay. I promise you – this will leave you emotional and stunned by the acting talent here. You’ll also cry for days afterwards, but I promise you that it is worth it!

The Revenant
15th of January

Leonardo DiCaprio has to win the Oscar this time, right? Well, now that he has enlisted Alejandro G. Innuritu as his composer, DiCaprio can surely do no wrong with the brutal, honest, and immersive experience that is The Revenant. Astonishingly based on a true story, the film revolves around Hugh Glass who is attacked by a bear and buried alive by his fur trade trope. Trying to survive, he wreaks horrible vengeance on the men who left him behind. Heck, even the trailer is melt your face, piss your pants, exciting. Certainly something you must all see!


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