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Article – Is There Too Much Going On In Batman V Superman?


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Is There Too Much Going On In Batman V Superman?

It seems that every week we get a new update on how the ever expanding Batman V Superman (now with added end title) Dawn of Justice is doing through it’s production. Yes it seems we get more and more on the who rather than the what as we still no very little details about the actual story and more about all the characters they have thrown into the mix. But the question is, is there too much going on?

We started the story of Batman V Superman way back last year with the announcement of the logo being the big hulking Batman symbol with Superman’s standard S mixed inside. Not long after the following announcement bared the return of Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder along with added addition of Ben Affleck in the role as the dark knight himself. Cue the internet taking a storm. The Ben Affleck addition was, for me, something I think that’ll fit. It’ll work perfectly with Affleck’s experience in both acting and directing and before you bring up the ugly head of Daredevil just remember, he was young back then and we all make mistakes when we’re young.

Next up towards later 2013 we got handed the announcement of Wonder Woman being played by Gal Gadot. Not my first choice in fact for a character like that I wouldn’t know where to begin in considering someone for the part but with Gadot’s very limited acting experience I can’t see her pulling too much off for this in my opinion. Who knows this one might work but at the moment I’ll have to see it to believe it.

Jesse Eisenberg joined the framework as the villainous Lex Luthor but can he even pull it off? Eisenberg is an outstanding actor but he lacks the strength and in my eyes villainous to do any damage. It’s already a packed film considering wasn’t this originally meant to be Batman against Superman? It strays off the original rough plot idea we all had as now it seems like a team up movie going against Luthor and what ever scheme he might be pulling.

We then get to the minor roles but how you can put these characters in minor roles I’ll never know. Unless Snyder has plans to pull an Amazing Spider Man 2 and throw various characters in here and there given very brief appearances (blink and you’ll miss it) but at the moment we can only speculate. We currently have Ray Fisher playing Victor Stone (aka Cyborg) who could easily pull off a brief appearance later having a more expanded role in the Justice League film. We’ve also got the added addition of Aquaman (which is in a bit of limbo as to who it might be, currently Jason Mamoa.) Now already Maoma doesn’t fit the part of the king of Atlantis but he could easily fit in with many other roles in the Justice League character base.

With all these characters and still another two years till it’s release I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of many more characters from DC turning up in Batman V Superman. If this is the cast for the start of DC’s empire I dread to think how many people they throw into the Justice League film (which will be released the following year.) I think overall we have to just take a step back and see what happens. Man of Steel was good, not great, not amazing but it was good. DC are really rushing everything into production (even with the announcement of their future instalments with nearing 6 films over a three year basis.) Can they compete with the heavyweight that is Marvel and their Avenger series? I think that’s the question on everyone’s mind but currently they’re mashing together too much all at once.


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