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Article – Are Disney Going Overboard With Live-action Remakes?


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Are Disney Going Overboard With Live-action Remakes?

Like many children, I grew up surrounded by the magic of Disney, captured by the beauty of animation in films like ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Nowadays, Disney are bringing their classics to life with jaw dropping CGI and live actors and based on the box office it seems to be working. However, is it possible that the new modern versions will ruin the magic of the originals?

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The remakes are certainly doing well at the box office with their realism and famous faces as well as the promised nostalgia that goes along with a viewing. But does this mean that with the rise of live-action remakes comes the fall of original Disney animation? Since the release of the first live-action remake (Tim Burton’s ‘Alice’ in 2010) the remakes of ‘Cinderella’, ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ have been released with many others in the works such as the highly anticipated ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Whilst everyone remains caught up in the live-action frenzy, Disney appears to be cutting down on its classic animation with just a few films that may receive the title of ‘iconic Disney’ having been released in the past 6 years. Older Disney lovers cannot help but feel that the company is completely rebranding itself and that animation is on its way out as a result, along with the magical experiences that went along with seeing those films for the first time.

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As long as Disney continues to release films, the debate will continue. With some arguing that this is a new and different era of magic for children rather than the end of one and that these films have the ability to capture the hearts and minds of youngsters better than the originals as they come across more believable. For me, the idea of seeing the ballroom scene in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in a completely new way with real actors is incredibly exciting. However, others say that the animation is what truly makes a Disney film so astonishing and miraculous and without it, it is just not the same. I fondly remember how entranced I was as a child by the transformation scene in Cinderella, something I did not find as magnetic when watching the remake. Whilst I have enjoyed the majority of the remakes I do feel as though there is something missing, and that something is breath-taking, beautiful animation.

At the end of the day, no matter your opinion on the subject, it is likely that the undeniable enchantment of Disney will draw you to the cinema to watch the next live-action remake of a classic.


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