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Article – How the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is a Metaphor for the Entire Dark Knight Trilogy


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How the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is a Metaphor for the Entire Dark Knight Trilogy

Anyone who knows me will tell you that Batman is pretty much my religion. As a result I was watching The Dark Knight Rises for the fifty second time the other day when I realized something. The whole movie is pretty much a representation for the making of the entire trilogy!

Not sure if this was intentional or not but stick with me as I go on a bit of a rant and break down the film into three acts, each one representing the making of each movie (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises)

This short article will probably make no sense unless you have seen DKR.

Also, obviously, SPOILERS AHOY!

Act One: Batman Begins

DKR starts off with no one seeing the Batman for eight years. That is the same amount of time between the film that temporally killed the franchise, Batman and Robin (1997) and the film which brought it back, Batman Begins (2005).

Eventually, due to fan demand (much like Gordon in the hospital whispering to Bruce “he must”) Warner Brothers, in the style Bruce Wayne fixing up a leg strap and going back into training, had to rebuild the franchise. Everything is going great until act two…

Act Two: The Dark Knight

Batman is back in full swing, kicking ass and taking names, until Bane breaks him.

The Dark Knight took the reestablished Batman from the previous film and brought it to the next level. Everything is going great until the unfortunate passing of Heath Ledger broke the saga itself.

Bruce is thrown into the pit and left to die, having to come up with a plan to save the day.

No Heath meant no Joker, which meant no Arkham, which meant a halt in the proposed plans for the third film. It took an extra year for Nolan and co to come up with a finale, to climb out of the pit and head back to Gotham…

Act Three: The Dark Knight Rises

The third act and the third film are about Batman rising to save the day, to end the narrative with a “big bang” in both a story telling perspective and a literal explosion (the bomb strapped to the bottom of “The Bat” as Bruce flies off into the sunset).

This creates a definite ending to the tale and this particular take of the character but as we all know Batman is forever.

As the mantle is handed over to John Blake in the closing seconds of the film, Chris Nolan has handed the reigns of the Caped Crusader to Zack Snyder and a new generation of filmmakers.

Batman has been reinvented and reimagined on screen many times, the only difference in this instance is that the filmmakers knew this would be their last go around giving them the chance to tie up loose ends and take a proper final bow.

I am excited for Batman v Superman. I just hope they manage to knock it out of the park giving them a chance to tell a story the creators wish to be told and not one that the financial backers push upon them. Otherwise we may end up with another Batman and Robin on our hands and Bruce will have to hide in Wayne Manor for decade with a beard and a walking stick.


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    You never explain the metaphor of the film. Nor do you explain what a metaphor is. Wrongly titled.

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