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Article – Have Hollywood Blockbusters Changed Their Way?


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Have Hollywood Blockbusters Changed Their Way?

Big explosions. Loud noises. Never ending disaster. It’s just a few things which when thrown together into the mix it’ll easily equal to your typical Hollywood blockbuster. The likes of Transformers (being the biggest culprit) and all the numerous superhero films not to mention the big disaster epics. We’re riddled with them and after many years it began to grow very stale. It felt like a big blur of nothing until these past few years. Yes the past few years has felt like Hollywood have taken a step back, looked in a mirror and asked themselves “What have we become?”


Obviously that’s not what’s happened as the whole Hollywood ruling cinema hasn’t completely changed, yet. However in my opinion there’s a new form of Hollywood blockbusters appearing more and more each year. Even all the sequels, reboots and remakes are taking a stab at this new form which isn’t exactly any kind of new form. Rather this new tackle at cinema for these types of films is mainly keeping the film grounded. They’ve taken what makes them so popular and extended this as to allow an interesting (sometimes complex) story with interesting diverse characters. It’s as if the idea for an indie film crossed with what makes a huge blockbuster so popular.


Lets delve into some films which have gone down this route. For example some of the latest ones appearing this year being X Men: Days of Future Past. These films have battered about for a decade now but after recent films the series started slowly dying (beside X Men First Class which was the start of twisting the series anew.) This film had all the elements of a big summer blockbuster being made for that audience type but head over to Rotten Tomatoes and it still, after many months of being in cinemas, is holding a staggering 90%. It’s not the franchise that’s made it be so popular, it’s what is in the film. Enjoyable characters, comedy elements and plenty of action has always been the usual but add in a complex time travel story with the mixing of old and new cast members and lets not forget the very interesting story arc, it’s a wonder why no one has even put their finger on this before for films.


This years Godzilla is another example. Instantly thinking of Godzilla you’d suggest a disaster movie yet the latest remake has altered this in areas. Instead of making a huge epic monster disaster movie they headed down the route of developing a character driven story. There’s that phrase, character driven. You saw the film through the eyes of a solider who yes had a fair amount of luck always sticking that awkward moment where something terrible has happened around him, talk about right place right time. It almost felt like Godzilla, the huge lizard beast, was in the background other monsters. Going into that film and being told that I’d never think it’d work but I was surprised to see it did.


That’s what we want in films, more story, more characters development and more to make the audience feel apart of it rather than left out in the background. We want a bit of emotion in our films and to have to think rather than sit there for 2 hours and switch off our brain, I think I just explained the plot of the next Transformers film there.


Yes it’s been happening in Hollywood for some time now, you always have that one director or producer who wants to break the mould but what I’m trying to get at is how often it’s happening now. Director Christopher Nolan uses this format for every film with his Batman series and also film Inception. Zack Snyder used the same style of seriousness to his superhero film Man of Steel. It’s yet another element with making a very serious film something which is being used heavily now in all superhero films from Iron Man to Captain America. 

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