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Article – Give It A Second Chance! – Waterworld (1995)


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Give It A Second Chance! – Waterworld (1995)

Back in the good old days, 1995 to be precise, there was a little old blockbuster released called Waterworld. But thanks to poor reviews, it did not get the credit it deserved. Waterworld is an apocalyptic action blockbuster, which at the time, was the most expensive film ever made. It was ridiculously expensive, shot at sea on floating sets, had its fair share of behind the scenes squabbles, lost director Kevin Reynolds, and was finished by its star Kevin Costner. It made money, not as much as it deserved, especially not since today’s amateur blockbusters seem to get into the billion dollar club with very little effort.

Set in an apocalyptic future were we, (you! the general public) have melted the polar ice caps with the colossal amounts of pollution we’re pumping out into the atmosphere, therefore making dry land extinct, except for one tiny island that no one can find, but everyone is looking for. Somehow humans have survived this slow burning catastrophe rather than prevented it (yep, that sounds like us). We’ve adapted, some in better ways than others. What remains of civilisation is plagued by gangs of criminals, (no getting rid of them then), lead by the films comical baddie, played theatrically by the late Dennis Hooper.

The setting’s, sets, cinematography, and action in this movie, can and does rival the biggest and best blockbusters on offer today. The effects are considerably more practical, especially since it was 95, CGI was limited. The storyline however, is a little more familiar, a mysterious wandering traveller rides the waves into a watery wild west town, seemingly only to pass through, minding his own business, when all of a sudden he’s forced to do battle with the local crooks, culminating in a high noon style show down towards the films end.

Despite the familiar tones, themes and attitudes in the stories and characters, it’s an epically scenic adventure. No less worthy of your time than whatever remade, rebooted, rehashed, reinterpreted, re-imagined, overpriced, and rushed to be made film you’re about to go and watch in the cinema. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things of course. But if one day you fancy a movie you haven’t seen before, maybe on a rainy Sunday afternoon, perhaps look back instead of forward. You might find something you haven’t seen before, because I guarantee you haven’t seen everything.


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    I did surprisingly enjoy this film more than I thought I would, purely because I was expecting it to be bad due to the controversy around it and the myths of onset disputes etc. You can’t really go too wrong with Kevin Costner even if he does play the same type of character in every film he does.

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