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Article – Four Films that Need To Be A Musical


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Four Films that Need To Be A Musical

There is nothing in this world that cannot be improved by song (extremities not included). After all, who doesn’t like it when random characters burst into a well-rehearsed jovial tunes? Musicals have become an entirely joyous experience where even the worst films can be rectified by forcing a music ditty into their mouths (look up: The Room Opera). There are so many films lately that are being made into stage shows whilst vice versa, stage musicals are become film extravaganzas. And whilst some may not work as well (cough, Phantom of the Opera, cough), here are some movies that are just begging for the tune treatment.

(there’ll be spoilers)


Ben Wheatley’s horror indie flick is rapidly becoming a cult classic. As Wheatley’s star rises thanks to his Doctor Who credentials and the fact people are turning to something great, something different and something unique. Though his back catalogue is teaming with pure excellence, his recent Sightseers has had most acclaim. But imagine if Steve Oram and Alice Lowe actually performing those eighties classics that perforate the film with an ingenious soundtrack. The power of love before the final fall, Tainted Love at the pencil museum, and Season of the Witch – that is all something I’d love to see fall out of Alice Lowes monotone Tina.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

There is something so purely good about Drop Dead Gorgeous that it is a shame it often goes underneath the radar as a great female centric comedy. Starring Kirsten Dunst, it is about a beauty pageant going pear shaped when someone starts offing the contestants for the crown. Told as a mockumentary, the film is a brilliant combination of wit and darkness. The movie will work entirely as a musical, but more likely to go down the stage route and then translated into a movie very a la Hairspray and The Producers. Honestly, I just want to see a “100 chorus girl strong” version of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. (Nananananananana)

Hot Fuzz

I’d be sorely disappointed anyway if one of Edgar Wrights acclaimed comedies went under the radar for musical potential. I mean, who’s seen a zombie musical fully fleshed in high kicking and limb flying action? Whilst Shaun of the Dead would, indeed, be a stellar premise for a musical, imagine the musical numbers that could be included in Hot Fuzz. The ballad “I’m Angel Not Angle,” the villainous “For The Greater Good” and later with reprise and the excellent Cranberry’s song “Love Me.” It’s would be a riot and if you could get all the original actors involved, this fast shooting hilarious film would work so well as a musical.


If there is one lesson to be learnt from the spectacular failure that was U2’s Spiderman stage show, it’s that mutants don’t belong singing tunes. So perhaps this is a misstep on my part, but I’d give anything to see a duelling lyrical battle between Magneto and Xavier whilst special effects went crazy. It doesn’t matter entirely what X-Men film either, perhaps a musical would make X-Men: Days of Future Past make sense. But to make Wolverine less serious and giving him an entire song about his mutton chops (and let’s face it, we know that Hugh Jackman can sing), would be so insanely entertaining that we are wondering why this isn’t a thing…


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