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Four Awful Jim Carrey Sequels That Have Nothing To Do With Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is, and always has been, a rather odd fella. For someone to give such physical, immersive, iconic and ridiculous performances you would have to be. Say what you will about the man, we can all agree on one thing, he certainly marches to the beat of his own drum.

jim carrey

Said drum marching includes his choice of movie projects. Carrey rarely makes any sequels; in fact, he has only done two (one of which took nearly twenty years to come into fruition), but the box office appeal is too strong for studios to not at least attempt to spin off a franchise from a few of his blockbusters.

Trouble is the box office appeal must have come from Carrey himself, as these follow-ups didn’t do quite as well as the filmmakers hoped.

Here are the four Jim Carrey-less sequels ranked from best to worst.

Evan Almighty

Four Awful Jim Carrey Sequels That Have Nothing To Do With Jim Carrey

Back in 2007, Steve Carrel was big enough to have star billing on features, but still not quite big enough to say no. Evan Almighty is a sequel/spin-off to Bruce Almighty, with Carrel reprising his role as the gobbledygook speaking arsehole news anchor from the previous movie.

Rather than have Steve play out the “man becomes God” scenario again the producers decided to go a different route and have Evan re-enact the bible story “Noahs Ark”, as it is one of the only few that doesn’t have connotations with murder, rape or violent executions. Only a wee bit of global genocide.

Why they didn’t call the film “Evans Ark” is beyond me. Maybe they didn’t want to confuse audiences and instead titled it Evan Almighty even at no point is Evan actually almighty.

Despite it having twice the budget, Evan Almighty underperformed at the box office and all plans for a third film “Joe Almighty”, where some poor schmuck has to sacrifice his son on a mountain for the pleasure of Morgan Freeman, were scrapped.

I may have made that last bit up.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Dumb and Dumberer

Dumb and Dumberer is the only film on this list where some poor sap actually had to play a part that was the same character as Carrey had established.

In all fairness, Eric Christian Olsen did have a good go at emulating Lloyd Christmas in this origin prequel, but the film was too awful for any kind of performance redemption.

The movie was critically panned and earned three golden raspberries. It would take another 11 years for Carrey to don the chip tooth again and re-team with Jeff Daniels for a true sequel. Which also wasn’t very good.

Maby that’s why Jimbo doesn’t do sequels.

Son Of The Mask

son of the mask

At the time people thought of this as the worst film ever made, let alone the worst sequel. Poor old Jamie Kennedy picked up the golden raspberry award for worst actor, and his career has taken quite the kicking ever since.

Kennedy has been picked apart endlessly by writers and critics, to the point I kind of feel sorry for him, so there won’t be any bashing on my accord. No, this film sucked so bad that it would be unfair to blame one aspect. It’s just a bizarre explosion of CGI cartoon shenanigans that somehow manages to be overly hyperactive and boring at the same time.

One cannot understate how bad Son of the Mask is, which is a shame because of all the films to succeed without the originals leading man this was it. Just have the mask fall into another person’s hands and the adventure continues. Instead, we get a weird convoluted plot with a pre-Marvel Universe Loki (Alan Cumming) Odin (Bob Hoskins), a wacky baby and Milo the dog from the original. Except it isn’t Milo. Kennedy’s character Tim Avery just happens to own the same breed of dog that Jim Carrey’s Stanley Ipkiss did in the first film. Maybe the Mask is drawn to owners of Jack Russels.

As bad as this film is, sadly, it is not the worst on the list.

Ace Ventura JR. Pet Detective

ace ventura jnr

A lot of people don’t know this film exists, and I envy them for that. Ace Ventura Jr. is a straight to DVD sequel directed by David Mickey Evans, whose previous hits included both Beethoven’s 3rd AND 4th. So you can guess the kind of quality you expect from this feature.

Obviously, the original Ace Ventura is absent from this film, disappearing somewhere into the Bermuda triangle years ago. It’s up his son, Ace Jr. to clear his mother’s name after she is wrongfully arrested for kidnapping a panda, or something. I’m not sure, I only watched it once a few years ago when I was very drunk. Sadly I have no wish to indulge In that experience again.

If you think the idea of a 14-year-old dressing up like Ace and reenacting everything from the original movies is irritating then I must sadly inform you, you are absolutely right. That’s basically this movie for its 1.33 minute run time, and that’s basically all I have to say on the matter.


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