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Article – Five Non-Christmas Films to Watch at Christmas


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Five Non-Christmas Films to Watch at Christmas

Ah, Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year when people travel home to be with their families, snuggle up in front of cosy fireplaces and try not to throw something at the endless string of carollers at their door.

It’s also the perfect time to curl up to watch a great film. There are choices galore. Christmas favourites like It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Jingle All the Way and Die Hard, all of which have Christmas at their heart with laughs and tears thrown in the mix.

But, what if you’re tired of the Christmas favourites? And even the off-beat options are getting boring. Never fear, I am here! To give you some non-Christmas films while you avoid… I mean join… your family and friends during the festive season.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Why? You need an additional reason other than ‘It’s Star Wars’? Well, here’s the thing – Christmas is the best time to reminisce. You remember all the old times, the good times, and wonder how it all ended up being so bad. So TFA kind of encompasses all of that. The old times when the original trilogy was the golden pedestal of films, the good times when the Jedi were on top of the inter-galactic food chain, and how it all went south when the first family of the galaxy created a petulant Dark Side fan. A heady mix of new characters and old, TFA is nostalgia in a bottle. And who doesn’t want to spend the holidays with BB-8, anyway?

Cinema Paradiso – Admit it, you haven’t seen this film yet, so what are you waiting for? If you want a hopeful tearjerker to spice up your Christmas holidays, you can’t choose any better than this classic. A teenager discovers the magic of movies at the local cinema and befriends the projectionist who teaches him about life, love and cinema. Enjoy the nostalgia of childhood, the ups and downs of growing up and coming of age against the quaint backdrop of a small village in beautiful Italy.

Jaws – It’s holiday time for the Brody family on beautiful Amity Island until something from the depths of the ocean starts coming after the islanders. Why would you watch this gory classic during Christmas? For one, it’s a classic! Two, nothing makes you enjoy the cold weather more than watching a bunch of terrified people run helter-skelter on a beach, trying to escape the eponymous jaws of the ocean. And third, horror films are the best!

Flushed Away – What the heck even is that, I hear you ask? Well, it is a gravely underrated, hilarious animated comedy about rats (no, don’t be revolted) that appeals more to adult kids than, you know, actual kids. Full of pop culture references that silly geeks will be tickled by, the film is a laugh riot no matter how often you watch it. Enjoy the voice acting of British film industry’s crème de la crème as well as Hugh Jackman’s hammy British accent. It’s a fun frolic worthy of any holiday.

Inception – Mind-boggling entertainment with plenty of heart, follow a bunch of professional criminals as they traverse the treacherous territory of dreams. Stunning practical effects are outdone by a brilliant twist that quite possibly is the most original take on ‘it was all a dream’. This film has a little for everyone in the family, and plenty to discuss afterwards. Even if you have seen this one before, Christopher Nolan’s films are worth watching several times over. Can you find any clues to solve the mystery of the climax? Keep watching to find out.


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