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Article – Five Films That Kept Me Up At Night!


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Five Films That Kept Me Up At Night!

It’s October and you may have noticed that your favourite film sites are taken a peculiar turn into the macabre. It’s a season of horror, where we celebrate the ghouls and monsters that come out in the abundance of shadows that autumn brings and we are thrilled. Well, most of us. When I was an edgy teenager, listening to only the finest metal and pop punk email, I revealed in horror movies, gore, blood and jumps in the night. But as I aged, I found that the years were gradually turning me into a big wuss. And now there are movies that I can’t even think about without staying up at night. Here are the ones that turn me into a big blubbering mess.

Honourable Mention: the first half of Insidious because that illicit sounds from me I have never uttered before. Except the second half is dire. Such a shame.

House On Haunted Hill

When my older sister and I were mere teenagers, our favourite hobby was to put horror movies on when our parents were out. As you do. In fact, lots of these movies we tuned into are on the list. But moving on, the remake of Vincent Price’s seminal horror film about a competition in a haunted asylum is a bit naff in the eyes of my 25 year old self. But when I was roughly 13, I literally screamed turn it off and cowered for a whole hour before I could muster courage to watch it again. The jerky movements, the twitching faces and Jeffery Combs’ maniacal ghostly doctor made me terrified. Yes, I recently watched it and laughed at my own naivety, but at the time, it was the worse. In fact, it took me an entire ten years to watch it again.

The Shining

The book and the film are both enchanting horrific delights that will get your heart racing, your skin crawling and slip into your worst nightmares. Kubrick’s translation of master horror writer Stephen King did ludicrously well in making our minds filled with paranoia. Held together by a master score, the tale of a family stuck in the supernatural and murderous activities in the hotel they are caretaking sends shivers down my spine every time. Luckily, the film is helped by Jack Nicolson’s impressive acting as he slowly unravels and descends into the most exhilarating madness. The spark of lunacy in his eyes electrifies the entire film while the steadily beating doldrums of a heart matches yours impeccably.

The Ring

And it’ll still keep me up at night. The remake and the original Ringu are both intensely done that whenever a fly gets attracted to a television screen, I squeal and hide behind my bed. The Ring is the story about a cursed video tape that will kill anyone who watches it and when it is watched by a journalist, she/he has seven days to figure it all out. What makes this a terrifying film is that it only snips and briefly shows the horror that will eventually emerge from the television screen. It made that safe panel of pixelated glass disappear. It also made this film obsessive imagine the long dank hair of Samara at the end of her bed, ready to deform your face.

Silent Hill

When you are a young girl, going to the cinema with one of your closet friends and you have a choice between a horror movie or an acclaimed comedy, always go for the latter. A friend and I had a similar decision to make, only we went with the former and happily warped our minds after. That former was Silent Hill (opposed to Knocked Up where the only scares were a crowning head out of a woman’s hoo haa). Now, I’ve heard the video game is scarier and the story of a different horrific plane and one woman’s journey to get her daughter back may seem a bit thin. But to me the cinematic version was just as bloodcurdling. I probably could watch this during the day on television, with all the lights on and a big bunch of people. But on the biggest screen in a cinema, in the pitch dark, my mind was alive with the monsters. I didn’t sleep well for three nights after.


There are many components to Candyman that set my teeth on edge. And it’ll still creep around me whenever I watch it. Bernard Rose has captured pure terror but in such a poetic way that I’ll revisit it. Bloody, gory and set to an unforgettable score, Candyman invokes the shocking truth behind urban legends. It’s the only movie on this list I’ll revisit because the bad stuff is outweighed by the Gothic feel and Tony Todd’s booming voice. It may be because I’m a sadomasochist when it comes to Candyman (I have the soundtrack on my phone and listen to it daily). But despite the fact I’ll have it on my mind for nights to come, Candyman is to delicious not to watch.



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