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[Article] – Five Best Superhero Movie Scenes in 2017


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2017 has been a great year for superhero films. We have had a plethora of films, of varying quality, from Marvel and DC. As a superhero film fan, I could not be happier.

There are already several lists about the best films in the genre but which scenes from these films made them all the more memorable? I am not just talking about action scenes, but moments that stayed on with the audience long after the film was over.

Below is our top five (spoilers, obviously):


No. 5: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Rocket, Groot and the Button of Death…

For a Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 received lukewarm reviews. Some people loved it and others found it over-long and tonally confusing. But, one thing we can all agree on was how funny the film was.

It’s hard to choose just one moment from the film; there are so many hilarious scenes, most of them involving Baby Groot, who managed to be adorable and humorous at the same time. Unsurprisingly, our top scene from GOTG2 features Groot.

During the tense final fight, the Guardians try to find a way to fight Ego, an actual planet. Their plan is to blow up the neural network that powers Ego, which seems simple enough if only Rocket can get Groot to press the right button!

No matter how many times Rocket tells Groot that the button on the right, which is clearly marked, by the way, will blow them up instantly, and thus, must not be pressed, Groot keeps trying to press it. Up until the final moments of the sequence, we aren’t sure whether Groot will actually get the button right. Talk about tense!

It’s a wonderful moment of hilarity in the film, much needed considering the dire straits that the protagonists find themselves in against the planet-sized threat.

Plus, the scene works as a moment of character development for Rocket, who we get to see for the first time as Groot’s father figure, not just as a crazed, gun-toting, wise-cracking reformed thief.


No. 4: Logan – X-23 Unleashed

As the long-awaited finale to the Wolverine trilogy, Logan was bleak and humourless. But, it was also chockful of fight scenes. Despite his Old Man Logan persona, Wolverine gets into numerous scrapes throughout the film, many of which require his adamantium claws.

However, the stand out scene from this film involves Logan being in the periphery. The scene we’re talking about? The first time we see X-23 unleash her fury.

Up until her first fight scene, young Laura, played with astounding sincerity and ferocity by Dafne Keen, is quiet, to the point of being mute. We have no idea what she’s capable of until she finds herself cornered and threatened. And then, the claws come out.

Logan’s R-rating helped make the fight scenes in the film more visceral but never more so when the pint-sized Laura goes all berserker fury on armed villains. From Laura standing with a still-dripping human head in her hands, to her leaping from enemy to enemy, stabbing them with precision, this introduction to X-23 is stunning.

And, considering the lack of female characters in genre cinema, especially superhero films, it is refreshing to see a badass girl hold her own in a fight.

No. 3: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Come on, Spider-Man

The third incarnation of Spider-Man was a massive success internationally. With a great deal of heart, new characters we instantly loved and a Spider-Man that captured the comic character’s agility and humour, the film gave audiences plenty to love.

But, among the banter, the action and the cool new gadgets, the scene that left audiences breathless was also one of the film’s most distressing moments.

Peter Parker, only 15 years old, confronts his nemesis, the Vulture. Sans his Stark-enhanced Spidey-suit, Peter seems on equal footing against the unarmed Vulture. Until Vulture brings his remote-controlled suit into play. Unbeknownst to Peter, Vulture has been aiming his suit at the pillars holding up the roof of the warehouse where they have met. The roof collapses on Peter and it seems our young protagonist is done for.

Peter is crying and desperate, screaming for help. As he rips off his mask, Peter sees his reflection in a puddle water – half his face and half the Spider-Man mask. On his own, Peter cannot lift the rubble off himself, but Spider-Man can. With chants of “Come on, Spider-Man”, Peter lifts the rubble and frees himself.

Not only is this an inspiring moment taken directly from the Amazing Spider-Man #33 comic cover, it is an excellent way to reflect on Peter’s innate heroism. He does not need a suit to be Spider-Man, he already is a hero.

No. 2: Thor: Ragnarok

Enter the God of Thunder…

Taika Waititi took Thor and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a completely new direction with Thor: Ragnarok. His 80s road-trip comedy vision for Thor’s final act was tremendously enjoyable to watch and breathed new life into a character not yet given his due in the MCU. There were several hilarious moments in the film but the moment that we loved was in the third act.

Thor, beaten down by Hela, turns to a vision of his father for guidance. Without his hammer, Mjolnir, Thor feels unable to summon the thunder and lightning that comes with his name to fight the unstoppable villain. But, a few strong words from his father give Thor renewed vigour to continue the fight, and win.

With Led Zeppelin’s seminal ‘The Immigrant Song’ playing in the background, Thor flies through the air, surrounded by lightning, to fight Hela’s undead army. Talk about an excellent song choice!

But, this is also a pivotal moment in Thor’s arc. Throughout the film, Thor has questioned his ability to fight Hela and whether or not he would be a good enough ruler to take Asgard’s throne. This scene cements Thor as the hero and leader that he has been trying to become throughout his solo films. A majestic moment and a fitting end to the trilogy.

No.1: Wonder Woman

No Man’s Land…

By far 2017’s most successful superhero film, Wonder Woman finally showed Hollywood how to make female superhero films correctly. There are so many memorable moments in this film but, by far, the one that stands out is the No Man’s Land Scene.

Diana Prince of Themyscira comes to the world of ordinary men to fight the god Ares, who she believes is causing World War I. Through her travels, she has seen destruction and agony but nothing can stop her from doing the right thing.

When Diana and her team arrive at the Allied side of No Man’s Land, she is told by everyone that they can’t possibly cross. But, Diana isn’t willing to stand by when people are in danger.

Diana shrugs off her coat, brings out her sword and shield and, as the men around her shy away from a heretofore unbeatable enemy, she boldly marches head on into enemy fire.

It’s a powerful image – a woman hero walking across a barren land littered with bodies, deflecting bullets and holding back an entire army to make way for the beleaguered soldiers behind her. Diana achieves the impossible, both within the film and without.

This is the kind of scene female cinema-goers have been waiting for for years. Now, months after the film has left our screens, the No Man’s Land scene continues to capture our imaginations and give us hope for the future.

Which superhero film scene was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.


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