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Article – Films To Watch This Mothers Day


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Films To Watch This Mothers Day

Mother’s Day again, you say? It certainly has come round quick this year hasn’t it? Mother’s Day 2014 is just round the corner and what better way to spend it, than snuggled up to Mummy dearest, getting lost in the world of cinema?

Here are a few ideas to prepare you…

First up has to be the classic Pride and Prejudice. Of course many versions have been done of this classic Austen tale including the classic Colin Firth TV series, but let’s keep it modern shall we? I am sure for a lot of people out there; you can’t go far wrong with the Keira Knightley adaptation from a few years back. With its country dances, fabulous dresses and romantic story, it is safe to say that anyone will find something to enjoy whilst watching Pride and Prejudice and I am sure your mum will too!

Up next is something rather scrumptious, the French film Chocolat. Nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, this film is truly magically. With actress Juilette Binoche acting alongside the stunning Johnny Depp, this film tells the story of a mother and daughter who travel to a small Catholic village to open up a chocolate shop. Except it’s during Lent, which doesn’t go down well with the religious locals.  A great romance and a brilliant adapted book for the screen. A thumbs up on Mother’s Day for this one.

About A Boy has to be on this list. Although not an entirely happy film, it is certainly a very mother and daughter one. With funny man Hugh Grant and a young Nicolas Hoult as buddies, they certainly bring Nick Hornby’s novel to life on screen. This has some laughs and some cries that are perfect for Mother’s Day. With embarrassing parent and son sing-a-long’s and the odd duck getting hit on the head with a loaf of bread About A Boy is definitely a modern day classic.

Juilet Stevenson and Alan Rickman take to the screens in this fantasy romance, Truly Madly Deeply. We see couple Jamie and Nina who are madly in love living a more than happy life together until Jamie sadly dies. This story then takes a turn towards the supernatural. A fantastic example of grief, and a real life relationship – Yet another ideal film to watch with Mum.

Keeping it strictly supernatural for the moment, Ghost is last of this quick picks for Mother’s Day. Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze get locked into a heated ghost related love story. With the added bonus of Whoopi Goldberg as a psychic who didn’t know she even had powers, Ghost is an easy watching film that would certainly go down well, curled up in the blanket on the sofa (perhaps with a tasty hot chocolate!).

Of course there is an endless amount of films that one could enjoy on such a day, but these few just hit the mark. Whatever you choose to watch on Mother’s Day make it a good one and most importantly make sure it’s one your mother will enjoy whilst being waited on hand and foot!

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