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Article – Deadpool, an Oscar contender?


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Deadpool, an Oscar contender?

Yes, yes we all have our hopes and dreams and aspirations of being recognized as one of the best, but in today’s day an age are superhero movies taken seriously? Normally around what is considered “award season” for movies, that answer is usually no. Here we get the “Oscar bait” films and boring biopics and true stories that barely make any money at the box office, which leave a lot of the mass audience wondering why movies such as Transformers never get considered for Oscar’s if it made over a billion dollars. Well it’s never about the money, whether we are talking about the budget of the movie or how much box office it makes. If you really want your movie considered for an Oscar, you just have to follow their guidelines for qualification and you are good. Well, you also have to make a pretty decent movie.

So when talking about the superhero genre, a lot of times we do get pretty decent movies out of them, especially in recent time. We have had the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which always seems to deliver, but let’s not talk about Thor: The Dark World. Then you have the DCEU which has not really found its stride as of yet, but does have a lot of potential and money to work with. Now the one really interesting film that has come out and is being talked about heavily during award season is Deadpool.

Who would have guessed it? After so many years of Ryan Reynolds wanting to make this movie, we finally got it and it crushed, both with critics and fans and definitely at the box office, becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie in history. Now that is all fine and dandy, I mean films like The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Dark Knight were all loved by fans and critics alike but they didn’t get close to Oscar consideration in terms of best picture or screenplay (the closest being The Dark Knight). So why is this discussion even being had about Deadpool possibly getting an Oscar nomination?

Well to being with it was nominated at the Golden Globes for best Musical or Comedy, but that doesn’t mean much. The two things huge things it is nominated is for best adapted screenplay by the WGA and best motion picture by the PGA! These are huge things to be nominated for, and the closest thing to correlate to the Oscar’s. Other movies it is going up against include La La Land, Arrival, Moonlight, Hacksaw Ridge, and Fences. These are the movies that are considered “Oscar bait” and Deadpool is right in the mix. This doesn’t gaurntee a spot for Deadpool in the nominees for best picture or screenplay, but definitely raises some serious questions about it being nominated. Personally, I feel it has a great chance of being nominated for adapted screenplay, and around a twenty percent chance of being nominated for best picture if the Academy decides to nominated the max of 10 films this year.

This would also be a big credit to the Academy if they do nominate it that they are looking at a much larger scope of films now instead of just movies released toward the end of the year. It also shows that if a movie is genuinely great, it deserves recognition no matter what genre it is or when it was released. I hope Deadpool does get at least one nomination and we can get an epic appearance by Ryan Reynolds at the show. The Oscar nominees are announced on January 24th and the Academy Awards are held on February 26th.


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