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Article – DC Fight Back


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DC Fight Back

So most of the time with superhero films the focus is very Marvel driven with the majority of films being, well, Marvel even if it is by various studios but there’s another huge comic book universe out there which is DC. Now DC aren’t the best at films. They just can’t seem to nail it except the Christopher Nolan Batman series but that’s just something else! If we talk about TV well there characters dominate with the likes of Smallville, Arrow, Flash and now Gotham but we’re here for films. So what are DC doing with their film series?

With Marvel ever more dominating the superhero franchise by all their money grabbing films which just can’t get knocked and heck they are spot on with how they do their films and fit them into the series and stories but DC are trying to quickly push things out as well. Man of Steel kicked off the Superman films again and it gained a lot of money but, well wasn’t exactly loved on the scale of a Marvel film. Now we have Batman V Superman in 2016 and just earlier this year DC announced a string of dates for their future released films and today we’ve been given a whole bunch of titles for those films! First off very strange for them to just tell us all the films which will be out till 2020 and it already feels quite rushed unlike Marvel and how they drip feed us information. Lest dive into what’s coming out though.

So 2016 we already have Batman and Superman go head to head which should sort of follow the Dark Knight Returns storyline from Frank Miller. Later that year, surprisingly we have The Suicide Squad. A bunch of villains teaming up, previously seen in TV series Arrow but it’s a wonder they’ve put this film first before all other DC films.

We kick off 2017 with Wonder Woman who will feature in Batman V Superman so we’ve already seen quite a bit of Gal Gadot as the amazonian Princess. Next up is Justice League. Another strange one thinking they’d follow the Avengers series route and do origin/solo films first followed by a big team up film. This is especially confusing with how many characters their throwing together but we’ll see how it all goes.

In 2018 we’ve got The Flash followed by Auquaman later on. Now The Flash is going to be separate from the CW show of the same name featuring a different Barry Allen so it might confuse people who want to see both. Now Aquaman is the first time being featured in a film so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. Aquaman is one of those characters everyone loves to hate so maybe the Atlantean starring Jason Mamoa in the lead role could sway this round. Both characters will feature in the Justice League so it all plays on the idea that we won’t be getting origin stories from DC and instead they’re just playing catch up with Marvel.

Now 2019 features Shazam. The character focusing on a young boy who has the ability to transform into a Superman type character. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out as it’s a character few have seen before unless they see the animated films. Only name attached as of yet is Dwyane Johnson as counterpart Black Adam. Later that year we get the second Justice League but could this be too soon? Perhaps. I’d like to see more time I between. See the characters expanded a little first. I hate to keep comparing this to Marvel but they focused on just three characters, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America before heading into Avengers but DC seem to be hitting the Justice League, throwing the characters together without us knowing them then doing individuals. We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Cyborg will get his only film in 2020. To me it’s sort of a strange one as even in the Justice League he hasn’t really been a huge character often being in and out if the mix of line ups. He’s already featuring in the Justice League so we should have seen quite a bit of him already. We end the line up with the return of the Green Lantern in 2020,well sort of. Scrap the terrible Ryan Reynolds film as we’ll be seeing a new Green Lantern but there hasn’t been any confirmation if the character will feature in the Justice League.

So what do you think of all the DC films coming our way? Personally I feel it’s rushed, trying to beat Marvel but I can’t see it working. We don’t know these characters and from films before, throwing a whole load of characters together just doesn’t often work out too well. The Avengers worked because it’s well thought out. X Men work because we know who’s front and centre and who’s more background type but they’re sort of putting all these characters in the front and centre. All we can do is see how the films turn out and wait for some more rumours and info on them but right now we seem to have superhero films dominating out cinema screens.


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