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Article – Bruce Lee: A Legend Never Dies


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Bruce Lee: A Legend Never Dies

When Bruce Lee died at the tragically young age of 32, the world mourned him. He had been something different – a star who was also a hero to many, adults and children alike. He was personable and fun to watch, but he also had a power to him that hadn’t been seen before and, if we’re totally honest, hasn’t really been seen since.

Bruce Lee: A Legend Never Dies

Even though Bruce Lee died in 1973, it would be difficult to find anyone now who isn’t aware or him in some way. This just goes to show exactly how powerful his personality really was. What are some of the ways the incredible Bruce Lee is remembered?


Bruce Lee starred or featured in a remarkable 26 different movies. His first, Golden Gate Girl, was made in 1941, and Lee was just a baby. But he started as he meant to go on, and he continued to act for the rest of his life. A number of movies were even released posthumously. His most famous films have to be Enter The Dragon (1973), Fist of Fury (1972), and The Way Of The Dragon (1972).

enter the dragon

Martial Arts

Without Bruce Lee’s influence and legacy, it is unlikely that martial arts would be as popular today as it is. Many children – and adults too – choose to take up mixed martial arts, judo, karate, or any number of other disciplines because they have seen Bruce Lee’s impressive moves, and that’s a great thing; it keeps them healthy and active as well as giving them an enjoyable hobby.


Although online slots weren’t even in existence in 1973 when Bruce Lee passed away, he has still managed to be part of the exciting gaming revolution. He is featured in a number of different fighting games such as WWE 2015 and UFC 2016, as well as Coral’s special Bruce Lee slot game. If you have a particularly lucky streak slot games are a great way to increase it; and don’t forget, Bruce Lee was famous for projecting positive thoughts and winning a lot more than losing! It makes sense, then, that he is incorporated into these games.

Clothing & Memorabilia

Step into any kind of cult clothing or memorabilia store and you will soon come across Bruce Lee’s face on t-shirts, bags, and in posters as well as much more. This is a great way for the next generation to show their affinity with Bruce Lee, and to show others what they think of him.

It’s an incredible, enduring legacy that Bruce Lee left behind; we’ll be lucky to ever find another star quite like him.



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