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Bisexual Cinema

I am a bisexual woman. Ok. So that may be a bit of a self-centred announcement that seems like I am fishing for gasps and “I don’t believe it” as people faint to the floor. In fact, it nowadays, it doesn’t incur the particularly headline grabbing titles as a lowly film journalist states her sexuality because we are all becoming a little bit more acceptable to the idea. Except, well, Hollywood; who still hasn’t gotten around fully to the fact that not all of us are white straight males. Though the representation of LGBT characters are gradually (hopefully) becoming abundant, the idea of bisexuality is still so thin.

After all, we’re not confused, we’re not greedy and we’re certainly real.

Here are some of the best representations in cinema.


It’s also one of the most shocking revelations of the entire film, only juxtaposed with the numbing finale and the singsong in a Nazi village. The film centres of Sally Bowles, a cabaret dancer in a decadent jazz club during the rise of Hitler. She falls in love with English writer Brian Roberts as he learns all about his sexuality and his awakenings with her. However, they both fall in love with rich playboy Max. And in a confrontation between Brian and Sally, it is revealed that Max has recuperated affections to both of them as Brian quakes “So am I” to Sally.

Kissing Jessica Stein

This charming and rather underappreciated independent romance is quick an accurate portrayal of how sexuality is fluid. Written by our stars Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfelt, it revolves around the titular character who has had a series of bad dates with men. When she answers the call of Helen’s add, looking for relations with another female, she falls in love with her. Never once wavering from the fact Jessica (and Helen) can love both men and women whenever the right one comes along, it is a sweet and endearing comedy.

Orange Is The New Black

Ok. So it’s not exactly part of the film industry but I’m feeling like its exposure to bisexuality is something that everyone needs to see (I am also pre-empting it’s movie adaptation which involves diamond heists and a massive great escape.) Piper Chapman, though gradually dull in the series perforated by stellar and fabulous characters, is happily bisexual. As is Lorna Morello, they slip and slide their sexuality, falling in love with both men and women. And they FINALLY said the term, instead of dismissing it like other television shows that proactively claim they are “for LGBT” rights (Glee.)

Velvet Goldmine

What film has Batman sleeping with Obi Wan Kanobi and Dracula as they slam through glam rock hits a la David Bowie? Velvet Goldmine that is, though they sleep with women too and have enough fluidity in their sexuality as their glitter makeup. Revolving around the fictional lives of Brian Slade, a pop star, and an investigative journalist that gets into the culture. The interweaving vignettes are a great non-linear structure but the performances of Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor and Jonathon Rhys Meyers makes it a delectable and fun movie.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Seriously, give yourself into absolute pleasure and watch this damn good movie. The cult classic is intense good, satisfying, fun and shows a whole spectrum of sexual relations (and deviance) that makes it one of the best movies of all time. As Janet discovers her saucy side, Brad discovers his homosexual side and Dr Frankenfurter creates a man all to himself. It’s possibly more pansexual than bisexual but it still isn’t as straight laced or sparkingly gay as other films. It’s loose and fun for it.


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