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Article – Actors Who’ll Outstand in 2015


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Actors Who’ll Outstand in 2015

As the years roll on, the film scene becomes saturated with talent. It’s unfair. When you have finally wrapped your head around how Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have more acting talent in their little fingers than you have in your whole body, a whole slew of bright eyed talents come bouncing along. As you shake your fists out of jealous, it’s not hard to see who is going to succeed and who isn’t. After all, a lot of these names are already cemented into out noggins in greatly done movies and have us quivering in anticipation as to what they will do next. Though some on this list are pretty much solidified gold, it seems unfair not to praise them so more so in a few years’ time I can drag this article up at the Oscars and say, “seeeeeeeeeeee, I was right” (when there is, actually, no one here who’ll tell me I’m wrong).

So I know that 2015 is going to be the year of….

Domhnall Gleeson

Son of that elusive and brilliant actor Brendan, Gleeson has shown that he can hold his own and then some. I just have to direct you to the scene in Calvary opposite old pops where he captivated us with his psychopathic act. But his charisma and talent doesn’t stop there. In fact, since his supporting slot as Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter series, he has charmed and sublimely acted in films such as About Time and television series Black Mirror. He does a remarkable turn in upcoming Unbroken whilst next year will see him play opposite Oscar Issac in the “already looks stunning” Ex-Machina. Oh and he is also going to be around in a little small tiny indie named FLIPPIN STAR WARS!

Jack O’Connell

If you haven’t seen 71 or Starred Up, I’ll gladly let you stop reading this so you can watch them immediately. And then wait in anticipation for O’Connell’s sterling performance in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken opening Boxing Day. Coming from everyone’s favourite season of Skins, O’Connell has given his some phenomenal performances that completely absorb you into this utterly visceral storyline effecting this compelling characters. O’Connell has already had plenty of buzz this year and therefore looks to be on the tip of world domination for 2015. In fact, if he doesn’t scoop up the Rising Star award at BAFTA’s, I’ll gladly kick up a fuss.

Ben Schnezter

This boy is actually a chameleon who has starred in some pretty amazing movies this year. He played refugee Max in the emotional The Book Thief, then played spoilt brat Dimitri in The Riot Club. But his role that made the world sit up and go, “damn, he is good” is the leading role in British comedy Pride. And let me tell you this, he is American! Go back and watch Pride with that knowledge. He is incredible amazing, he transforms into this different characters and gifts them with nuances that pulls you into their stories, seemingly effortless. Schnezter is due for another couple of movies lined up include Punk Is Dead and Warcraft in 2016.

Alicia Vikander

Coming to prominence in Anna Karenina (opposite Domnhall Gleeson), Vikander’s most outstanding role is the lead in Oscar nominated Danish movie A Royal Affair which sees her as Queen Caroline Matilda who is unhappy in an aristocratic marriage and starts an affair with the royal Doctor (played by Mads Mikkleson). She has since risen further from that evocative performance and giving outstanding ones in The Fifth Estate and upcoming Testemnent of Youth. 2015 also sees her star opposite Gleeson in Ex-Machina (just watch the trailer, because it’s just spine tingling). But the Swedish actress will also star in The Man From UNCLE, Seventh Son and plenty more, hopefully boasting the praise that she so richly deserves.

Michael B Jordon

Many kicked up a fuss when young actor Michael B Jordon was cast as Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie (for completely racist reasons too). But if you watch his incredible performance in superhero movie Chronicle, you’ll know that the actor will blow you mind. Not only that, Jordon’s career best role was translating the heart-breaking story of Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station. Able to transform the brutal story of the unjust killing of Grant by a police office, he fiercely commands the screen by giving Grant a moral dilemma throughout that makes his death much more upsetting. Jordon is due to set the world on fire (Human Torch joke).


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