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Article – 7 Typecast Actors


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7 Typecast Actors

Actors are known for transforming themselves for different roles, whether they are gaining weight, shaving their head or spending time with real psychopaths’ actors will go to the extreme in order to perfect their roles and get into character. However for some actors this is not necessary as they stay in their comfort zones and play the same character in every movie, it’s almost like they aren’t acting instead they are just being themselves. Here are 7 typecast actors, actors who play the same character in almost every movie.

Michael Cera

7 Typecast Actors

Type: Awkward soft-spoken Nerd

Character seen in: Juno, Superbad, Scot Pilgrim Vs the world, Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist

In the years 2007- 2010, if you ever needed someone to portray an awkward teenager, Michael Cera was your guy. Cera has been in different movies, with different storylines of different genres the only thing that stayed the same was Cera’s character. Cera portrays the awkward teen so well; you’ll think he is one himself, his voice, his posture and his smile just suits his typecast as the awkward nerd.

Rebel Wilson


Type: Australian eccentric comedian

Character seen in: Pitch Perfect, Pitch perfect 2, Ghost Rider, Pain & Gain, Struck By Lightning

Rebel Wilson hasn’t been in as many movies as the other actors on this list, but from what I’ve seen she has already been typecast as an eccentric comedian with an Australian accent. In most of her movies she’s always playing a weird person delivering strange or humorous lines. It will be interesting to see her as a different character but this typecast seems to be working for her.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

Type: Man-Child

Character seen in: Grown Ups, Big daddy, Bedtime stories, Billy Madison, Pixels, Happy Gilmore

In 1995 Adam Sandler portrayed an immature adult who needs to grow up in “Billy Madison” 21 years later it’s 2016 and Adam Sandler is still portraying an immature adult only this time his characters aren’t named Billy Madison. Adam Sandler has been a typecast actor since 1995, his typecast character has become stale and majority of his movies are struggling just to get 50% on rotten tomatoes. Maybe it’s time for Sandler to portray a fresh character.

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

Type: The fast-talking wisecracking guy who needs to get his life together.

Character seen in: The Internship, Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers, Delivery Man, The Break-Up, Old School

Vince Vaughn has potential to do well outside his typical smartass slacker character, but he seems too comfortable playing the same old character in different comedy movies. Whether he’s crashing weddings, participating in a dodgeball tournament or being an intern at google, Vince Vaughn’s characters all seem to have the same personality and appear to be stuck in the same situation of trying to sort their lives out.

Jason Statham


Type: Bald British badass

Character seen in: Spy, The Transporter, Crank, Wild card, Redemption, The Mechanic

The only movie I’ve seen Jason Statham not carry a gun was “Gnomeo & Juliet” and even as a gnome he is still a British badass. Statham plays the same badass character in every movie and can’t seem to step out of his comfort zone as the British action star. Until we see movie where Statham is not beating the crap out of people, or putting a bullet in someone’s head, he will continued to be known as that bald British badass, which in all honesty is not a bad thing.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Type: Wise man who gives good advice

Character seen in: Lucy, Unleashed, The Shawshank redemption, The Dark Knight, Bruce Almighty, Seven

Morgan Freeman is a good actor, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors who is known for his sweet-sounding voice. But you have to admit, Morgan Freeman almost always plays the wise man, whether he is portraying a blind man, a college professor or even God, Freeman’s character is usually willing to spare his wisdom and give some advice. However Freeman’s typecast as the wise man has gotten him good roles in many critical acclaimed movies and a movie some would describe as one of the best movies ever, “The Shawshank Redemption.” It’s no wonder why Morgan Freeman is so comfortable in his typecast.

Michelle Rodriguez


Type: Tough Female tomboy

Character seen in: Machete, Machete Kills, Fast & Furious Series, Resident Evil Series, Girl Fight, Avatar

Michelle Rodriguez’s character is not a female you want to mess with. She has been typecast as a tough female badass who loves to engage in daring activities. Rodriguez is usually seen kicking someone’s ass, speeding down a motorway or shooting people (and zombies) in majority of her movies. Rodriguez is always playing dangerous characters like these, so it’s no surprise that her characters usually meet an early death.


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