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Article – 5 Reasons Birdman Is Going To Be Amazing


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5 Reasons Birdman Is Going To Be Amazing

The abundance of cinematic fares that have poured themselves into our society has made us over saturated with featurettes and trailers. Not one week goes by without new information and an “exclusive” clip, it’s mind numbingly tedious and even I am worn out, literally, by the mess (but more on that on a later date.) The trouble is, with so much demanding your attention, you are no longer surprised or enthralled by a trailer unless it is attached to a Lana Del Ray or Led Zeppelin song. And then, rarely, does a film come by with a mind-blowing trailer that makes you sit up and pay attention. Birdman did that. It looks to be one of the more phenomenal movies of this year and here are some of the many reasons why. And yes, this is all based on the goddamn trailer.

The Cast

Birdman boasts one of the more excellent ensembles in recent years. Emma Stone, Edward Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Ryan, Naomi Watts (who should NOT be judge for her recent departure into bad moviedom with BFF Nicole Kidman) and Merritt Weaver all team with extraordinary talent, bringing to the film a unique collective of flairs. Soaring high at the head of this formation is the delectable Michael Keaton. The Batman beauty plays the lead and naturally, his charisma and enthusiasm for the project is clear. Keaton is often sided to his caped hero and it will be nice for him to transcend into the cult looking indie films, showcasing his charm here.


I may be biased here but any story that has a drunken alcoholic low-life immediately picks up my interest (see: Filth.) The reason anti-heroes are so tantalising is because they offer an emotional journey wrought and intellectual. People can empathize with their story because they know how it is to fuck up and the fallout from that. Birdman, instantly, showcases a protagonist with antagonising flaws already; a has-been hero who has to struggle with his own ego, teetering on the wrong side of sanity. And while, sure, not many can enthuse with his stardom pride, we can all battle with our own ego and Riggan “Birdman” Thomson looks terrifically torn.

The Imagery

Talking about insanity, why not have a gander again at the trailer and tell me it’s not teaming with vivid brilliance. The visuals already captivate and that is three minutes of footage that may already be cut out of the final product to make way for bigger and better ones. The steal robotic monstrous bird wobbling on the top of building, roaring at our lead, the entrance to a room full dangling colourful lights and the blur of destruction is so tantalising that it draws you in the minute you see the trailer. Imagine what the film is going to look like and the cinematography, it looks like it is going to be an unforgettable. Added note, look at the brilliant poster, it’s exquisite!

Undoubted Batman References

The crux of Birdman is that Riggan Thomson used to play an infamous superhero and is now delegated to the Broadway stage and bit roles in films. Sound familiar? While Keaton may still be on the A-List, his presence in holiday has dimmed since the eighties and early nineties and is often only credited to playing one massive role; as Tim Burton’s Batman. It’s a role that people bring up all the time, playing opposite Jack Nicholson and Danny Devito in both Batman and Batman Returns. With a lead who alludes to a superhero playing a character famed for playing a superhero, you can bet that there will be tone pop culture references to the Dark Knight in a tongue in cheek way.


At the helm of this highly anticipated is the acclaimed director Alejandro González Iñárritu. While that may be a bit of a mouthful, get used to saying it because his work portfolio is already stellar. The Mexican filmmaker has already directed some of the most visceral and important films this side of Birdman. His first most notable work is Babel. As part of his death triology and starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchet this Oscar nominated work is astonishing centered on interrelating stories. The other incredible film is 21 Grams a similar interlocking story about a car accident starring Naomi Watts and the grief and emotion is imperative. And don’t forget about the first, Amores Perrez, the Mexican drama and anthology film that was nominated for an Academy Award. So Inarritu’s back catalogue speaks volumes for Birdman and the delightful promises!

Are you ready for Birdman? You should be. It is flying into cinemas October 17th


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