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Article – 5 Movies That Need To Be Musicals


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5 Movies That Need To Be Musicals

The screen and stage share source material like best friends who steal DVDs, and never give them back. One could be more successful and better known than the other whilst some may sit comfortably together. Sometimes, it doesn’t work and the art form is scorned forever. But there is often a wish or two for one to leap into another, particularly a film transforming into a stage musical. There are cult classic, epic blockbusters and indie hits who are earning for a musical number and epic amounts of spirit fingers as they wow the theatre, eventually making it back to screen with a brand new adaptation (cough, Hairspray, cough.)

So what films are just aching for another act or two? Check out parts one here at FilmDebate and part two over at Cookie N Screen

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Party on dudes. This cult classic film would be…well…excellent on the main stage. The story of two time travelling dudes who are given a magical phone box to help on their final history exam (there’s an elaborate story about how their band gift a futuristic world peace and harmony,) could rock hard such as Queen phenomenon We Will Rock You. Imagine the main tracks being belted out by the Wyld Stallions and the interlocking Iron Maiden and metal tracks that transcend different eras with historical icons all culminating in that incredible scene. It’s making us guitar riff as we speak!

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Walking With Dinosaurs meets Dr. Dolittle as the prehistoric series of films roars into theatres. The epic score by John Williams and the animatronic beasts that bring the special effects of Spielberg’s world to stage epicness would be thrilling. I’d say for all ages because everyone wants to see latex puppetry. But I can’t imagine the full scale brutality of dinosaur mayhem (with splashes of blood and screaming) appealing to a mass family audience. Yet if we could enjoy the film (some of us, maybe, still hiding under our blankets) then this would be a large scale production. As someone said recently, that acclaimed number could be set to lyrics: “Oh, my facking God, It’s a dinosauuurr!”

The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Somebody came up with a superhero treat and got bussayyy. So they should really get on with turning Pixar into musical spectacles. Though, arguably, any Pixar would make a great musical, the balloon scape in Up, the fantasy of Brave, and the hilarity of Monsters Inc. all making great companions to the musical interludes (Finding Nemo already has its own horrid show in Disney and I’d rather skip that because it is just that, horrid), just brim with delightful promise. But the powers and the soul of The Incredibles, amazing special effects and spandex songs gift the possible stage show with a stirring and must-see presence.



Now. Stick with me. There have been many explorations of dark and brutal comedy films on the stage. I mean Carrie, Heathers and Hedwig the Angry Inch don’t seem, on paper, like the best cult escapades on the stage. Apart from Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life”, the song sheet may be seemingly non-existent, in this mad-happed thought moment. But imagine the centrepiece though, as grim as anything. Imagine this spotlight coming down aloft the wings. As the curtain opens, it’s a great big giant scummy toilet.

Then a bunch of drug addicts singing Lust for Life. The rest would all fall into place. But Trainspotting would make a dingy yet satisfyingly deep musical.



Afternoon Delight? A love ballad sung to Lamps and then reprised for Bears? A musical number about Whore Island? I can imagine the hilarity and the dream is good. Will Farrell’s original and comedic film that has had people quoting for years would make a classic stage show. With the main set piece being the news room, as it revolves to each scene and number, could be technically brilliant if it were truly realised. Anchorman would bring seventies culture back to the stage – with some hairy grand moustaches too.

Plus, who doesn’t want to hear “Sex Panther” as a grooving seventies number?


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