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Article – 5 Hotly Anticipated Movies At BFI London Film Festival


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5 Hotly Anticipated Movies At BFI London Film Festival

I bet a few of you are a bit exhausted in hearing about my excitement for autumn and the events it encompasses. I can’t enthuse enough how much that on the crisp cool air the promise of exquisite stories unfold. This is film lover season. A part of the year where we can rave gloriously on about films that are bounding their way to us, with a spirit of independence, completely enthralling stories, and a host of stars shining brilliantly on. The biggest part of that is BFI London Film Festival. With less than a month to go, and ticket sales ready to launch, the obsessive cinema goer is bustling with the promise of seeing hotly anti chapter movies and more…

The Lobster 

“He’s her lobster…” said Phoebe in Friends way back in the day but this is not a romantic drama in that vein. Actually, it’s a rather sinister but surreal comedy drama starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz. Let me tell you, when you hear this future premise, you’ll feel a little glad you are in a couple. Unless, like me, you are single. See the idea revolves around a dystopian future where those without a partner are taken to a remote location and they have to find a partner in the woods or they turn into wild animals. Yes. It sounds really bloody odd but with Farrell and Weisz at the centre of it, there seems to be an alluring story here. Winning the Jury Prize at Cannes also adds some more excitement to the film. A romantic comedy with a mind-bending twist, this’ll be something completely different.       

Beasts of No Nation

Recently, Netflix has decided to step down from a few relationships in order to produce independent and creative pieces. Admirable, while you might be said you can’t re-watch The Hunger Games constantly, it’s great that they are throwing their weight behind different and alluring pieces otherwise forgotten by major studios. The film, set for competition at BFI and will be released on the 16th of October globally, stars Idris Elba and revolves an unnamed West African country overrun by militants and the group of youths who rise up against them. Set to blow everyone a way and with director Cary Fukunaga behind the camera, this is an unstoppable feature that already has our hearts racing in anticipation. 

The Program

The Lance Armstrong Story is probably one that’ll continue to have adaptations and interpretations for many years after. There is something so heinously compelling about the tale of lies that we can’t help but be drawn in. Following on from last year’s documentary Stop at Nothing, a documentary I might add that’ll make you angrier than you’ve ever been, Armstrong is less a hero turned villain and more of a villain whose been masquerading as good for a very long time. Ben Foster, an actor who is finally getting the career he deserves, stars as Lance Armstrong, a record breaking racer who is revealed to have been enlisted into a doping program, using performance enhancing drugs to help him win. Chris O’Dowd stars as David Walsh, the sports journalist who knew exactly what was going on… Guaranteed to enrage you, Foster is set for gold glory is this transformative performance.


Brie Larson is this generation’s most important actress. Well, one of them at least. Showcasing her talents at comedy, drama, and more, Larson has created such a substantial portfolio of work that she has bouts of critical acclaim behind her too. (Side note: Everyone in the whole entire world needs to watch her performance in Short Term 12. It’s a very important role and an even more vital film). Anyway, Larson’s mark this year has already attracted awards and praise with Lenny Abrahamson’s Room. The story, based on a book by Emma Donoghue, revolves around a kidnapped girl who gives birth to a son during her five years stay in a small room. When they are freed, they both struggle to come to terms with the outside world, especially when her son Jack has only know the room as his entire world. It’s very rare that a trailer holds so much emotion and tension that goose-bumps roll down your skin so imagine what the final film would be like. Plus, in Brie Larson we trust – there is no way that she isn’t going to give an astonishingly astute, visceral, and compelling performance.


There are films you are excited for, movies that you have waited such a long time to get, and then there is Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise. Since its conception to now, the movie has been shrouded in mystery and hot anticipation that, when it was announced as the Festival Gala at this year’s festival, there was a wholly inhumane scream that echoed across the whole of the film industry. The horror maestro able to invert human experiences into terrifying tid-bits with characters so engaging in their sick terror, it’s triumphant to see Wheatley back. Based on a book by J.G. Ballard, the movie revolves around a seventies block off flats that have an isolated community as residents are cut-off from society in their luxury. With Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, James Purefoy, and more, this is going to be a tantalising thriller. Oh, and there’s a score by Clint Mansell and, let me tell you, that is so fucking exciting.


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