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4 Movies I Didn’t Expect to Love

Trailers, news, and posters. They are all designed to do one thing – sell you their movie. See, they are all trying to get in your noggin and say – buy us. Buy this film. Since the dawn of time, they’ve hired shrew business type people to sell sell sell and us, as consumers and press, have to trudge through the waste to find something golden. It happens like this. You’ll casually be watching the latest medieval fantasy epic at the movies and you’ll be bombarded by the latest trailers. One of them would be a yarn worthy romantic comedy whose concept you’ve seen repeatedly with actors you don’t like and you turn to your fellow and go, “that looks shit.”

And that’s the end of it, you go back to your life. Sometimes, maybe there is nothing else on or you are at a screening (hopefully for free,) you find yourself allured, bemused and bewildered because all you believed is wrong – your assumption was wrong and, in actual fact, the film was good. Better than that, you fucking love them!

Begin Again

Begin Again

Now, this is somewhat a bit of a lie. See I knew that I’d have mild interest in this. I knew that. The musical comedy from the creators of Once, revolving around a depressed out of work record company executive discovering the latest talent, a scorned English singer, on the day of his suicide, is fodder for my emotional inclinations. Plus it has Mark Ruffalo and that curly hair of his tickles my warm parts. Anyway, the reason this makes the list is because, whilst I expected to enjoy it somewhat, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. In fact, it’s now on a small list of films that I have to wrestle with myself whenever I’m by the DVD shelf of flicking through Netflix because my heart aches to watch it again. Begin Again enchants in a flurry of music and humanity. There’s a realism to it through people falling apart and piecing themselves back together. Not because of romance but because these people needed to lean on one another band rebuild as friends. It’s gorgeous, teaming with well executed poignancy and unforgettable music.

Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain

Like many in this world, I can’t stand Michael Bay movies. Granted, I haven’t seen a lot of his movies because once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I was tricked into Pain & Gain, see. I paid no mind to it on release so when it, sneakily, cropped up on my telebox, I watched it for one reason and one reason only- the muscles of Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie and Dwayne Johnson. What I found was a steroid bound, based on a true story, farce that was entertaining. Really, really entertaining. The film revolves around Daniel Lugo, an ex-com who is hired to bring members into gym but uses his talents to extort rich customers and it all goes awry from there. This film is every bit as gross and appalling, focusing on slimy characters and their wicked deeds but somehow it works. The ultra violet, ultra violent film has this overall satire that pulls the film away from the explosive action. But it’s the performances that really hold this together. Namely Dwayne Johnson whose cocaine riddled tirade along the streets of LA was a raucous effect indeed.

Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Brett Ratner is a prime example of how your off-screen antics can really soil your portfolio (see: Woody Allen David O’Russell, and Lars Von Trier). He is a man child whose narrow views were spouted at junkets because he is, quite frankly, a moron. His sleazy personality has dampened his films and that’s a bad thing when they aren’t amazing to begin with *coughxmenlaststandcough.* So having Ratner tackle the best book in Hannibal Lecter cannon is like offering him the story to wipe his ass with. Even more so, Michael Mann had done this take much better with the cult classic Manhunter. But Ratner presented something different, away from Mann’s stylistic and fierce feature. He translated Thomas Harris’ book as accurately as possible which made it a truly thrilling film.



There’s something really dated about James Bond that makes it hard to grip into. Suave, sexy spies romping around the earth trying to save the day from hammy villains and their pets.  It may have been an amazing revelation in Sean Connery’s first incarnation but, for a while, it just seemed silly. Espionage drama needed to update and as we have about a hundred this year (a total guestimation), it seems we’ve succeeded to bringing Bond into the modern age. I’ve never been a massive fan even when Daniel Craig swaggered out of the ocean in his blue tighty whiteys. That is until Skyfall. A large part of this obsession I now have with Bond’s most recent outing (SPECTRE pending) is the villain Silva played enthrallingly well by Javier Bardem. Charming and twisted, he may have taken half the film to appear but he enhances an already brilliant movie into a great action thriller! Bardem set some pretty big shoes to but Christoph Waltz in the driving seat of evil, the new film could blow us all away.


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