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Article – 4 Film Franchises That Don’t Know When to Quit


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4 Film Franchises That Don’t Know When to Quit

There are certain things that age well. And then there are things that just start to stink the longer they are around. A discussion of how long a film franchise should be allowed to linger before it inevitably starts to dwell on old ideas and concepts, found to work well in the glorious ‘once upon a time,’ is really an attempted evaluation of what is left to captivate viewers with.

And while there are some franchises that Hollywood is completely incapable of parting with like Friday the 13th, Disney and live-action Disney and the ever so expandingly crowded DC and Marvel universe, it is fair to say some film sequences have passed their best.

Here is a list of film franchises that should stop being recycled.

Star Wars

There has probably never been a more influential franchise than Star Wars. The original trilogy, with its extraordinary cast and script and uniquely impactful special effects, set the tone for future science fiction productions and defined the cinematic expectations of generations. Its quality and monumental significance for popular culture, at least to a certain degree, are without question.

However, as the reception of Solo: A Star Wars Story indicated, perhaps there have been one too many Star Wars stories. The temptation of sucking out any unexploited bits of cinematic narrative looms large with a franchise as huge and internationally recognised as this. It is, after all, one of Hollywood’s favourite tricks: squeezing out anything and everything remotely original, one neon blue light at a time. 

Harry Potter

Speaking of the monumentally significant and iconic, one cannot overlook the shimmering example of the Harry Potter franchise. J. K. Rowling’s captivating world of wizardry and magic, transcending from the pages onto the big screen, has literally marked the childhood of generations. The film series achieved remarkable success and with the original storyline finished, Hollywood seemed baffled as to how to suitably expand on this cinematic goldmine.

Thankfully, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came along to supposedly sweep us away with a colourful addition to the already widely acknowledged magical world. The result of this otherwise notably creative attempt to keep feeding a franchise now over in its originality, however, has been controversial. And with a suitably indulgent further expansion, set to be dealing with the notorious crimes of Grindelwald due to arrive later this year, the Harry Potter franchise has now become a question of when and who dares to hit the brakes.

James Bond

Being one of the most recognisable images of dangerous, cunning and seductive masculinity, James Bond has a surprisingly complex cinematic history. What started with Sean Connery’s memorable portrayal of Ian Fleming’s famous character has expanded to more than 20 films starring more than five different leads. For a narrative that follows pretty much the same lines, that is quite an extensive track record.

Considering the core of Bond movies revolves around looking nice in suits, dealing with ridiculously beautiful women, using gadgets and trashing baddies in an explosive web of dodgy deals and international relations, the idea of film variety is wearing thin. And with the announcement of a 25th Bond film due in 2019, the time has come perhaps to finally let the guy retire.

Indiana Jones

Let’s face it, Dr Jones made archaeology sexy. The Indiana Jones film series brought a certain glamour, danger and wit to adventuring, as indeed Harrison Ford introduced a spicy new side of academia. Upon the discovery of a pending fifth Indiana Jones film however, we draw to the same halt. When is it enough?

Concerns over what exactly is Spielberg planning to expand on sound perhaps all too plausible considering the very real possibility of the fedora being blown away by the hectic winds of remakes. Little is known about Indiana Jones 5so far apart from the fact it will be Ford’s last curtain call as the renowned archaeologist and that it is based on a script by David Koepp, the cinematic narrator behind Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Rumours that the franchise will continue with a female lead at its head signpost once again Hollywood’s serious abandonment issues.


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