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Article – 10 Films to Terrify You in 2018


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10 Films to Terrify You in 2018

Looking for a good scare in 2018? Escape the horrors of real life with some on-screen terrors – there are ghosts, ghouls and assassins aplenty where we are going.

Keep your night-light on and hide under the covers: here are the top horror films and thrillers you cannot miss in 2018.

Insidious: The Last Key (5 January) – The Insidious horror franchise has been lagging since the success of its first instalment, but The Last Key promises to bring the franchise back to form.

Parapsychologist Elise (Lin Shaye) returns to the series as she investigates a deadly haunting in her old family home. Also returning are Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson as Elise’s prickly and amusing assistants Specs and Tucker.

The trailer, which was released last year, had several terrifying moments and since the film unleashed its horrors onto cinemas early in 2018, reviews have been generally solid. If you are ready for another trip through the Further, this is the film for you. Just, sleep with the lights on after.

The Commuter (12 January) – Liam Neeson has more than established himself as an unlikely action star in the past decade. He takes on yet another such role in the thriller The Commuter, about a regular businessman who finds himself caught up in a criminal conspiracy on his regular commute home.

There was tension oozing from every moment of the trailer so, one can only imagine how suspenseful the actually film will be. Plus, alongside Neeson will be Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and Sam Neill; a strong cast with plenty of experience in the thriller genre. This film is in safe hands.

Winchester (2 February) – Almost everyone knows the story of the Winchester House. The house was built by Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren), the wife of the creator of Winchester firearms, specifically to ward off the ghosts of everyone who had been killed by a Winchester rifle. To confuse the ghosts, Winchester kept the house in a perpetual state of construction and the film explores this period in her life.

True-life horror films have their own appeal but with Academy Award winner Helen Mirren as the lead, this film cannot go wrong. Mirren has the ability to engage with audiences while also delivering a powerhouse performance that will wow critics.

Winchester may not be the scariest film out this year but it will definitely be a psychological thriller that promises to live with the audience well after the credits roll.

Red Sparrow (2 March) – Jennifer Lawrence seems to be taking over the role of Black Widow with this film!

Ballerina Dominika joins the Sparrow school to become a Russian intelligence agent but her first mission, against a CIA agent, goes horribly awry, putting both nations in danger.

The cast of this film is a massive draw. Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Mary-Louise Parker, Ciaran Hinds, Charlotte Rampling, Jeremy Irons are just some of the names on the cast list. Plus, everyone loves a good spy thriller.

There has been a slight negative reaction to having yet another female protagonist who uses her body as a weapon; we have had so many such characters in the past, and people are left wondering whether this film can bring something new to the table.

Red Sparrow is definitely going to be entertaining but can it do right by its protagonist? We will have to wait and see.

Unsane (23 March) – The trailer for Unsane was only just released but it has already been garnering a lot of attention.

Claire Foy plays a young woman trying to escape her stalker but ends up being involuntarily admitted into a mental institution. While trying to find a way out of the institution she begins to suspect that her stalker may have found her. Can she escape?

We don’t know much about this film at the moment. But, director Steven Soderbergh knows how to make a tense thriller; he’s done it several times before. Unsane is guaranteed to be a suspenseful watch.

A Quiet Place (6 April) – A family of four lives in silence in an isolated home in the middle of nowhere. They are surrounded by an unseen force that will attack them at the slightest sound. The family have made it thus far but one day they slip up.

This is an unusual thriller which immediately makes it intriguing. Having a family at the centre of the story also gives the film a more personal touch. The parents are played by real-life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski so the chemistry between the actors is assured.

The trailer used silence and sound brilliantly to build the tension and the film will most likely capitalise on this aspect. Expect plenty of jump-scares!

Truth or Dare (13 April) – This is a silly one and the makers of the film probably know it. The story follows a group of young people who play a game of truth or dare, which turns out to be deadlier than they realised.

Starring Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, among other young talents, this film is likely to pull in younger crowds. The horror effects look decidedly ridiculous but, from the trailer one can imagine this film being unintentionally hilarious and very entertaining.

Hereditary (8 June) – Annie Graham (Toni Collette) has recently lost her mother. The Graham matriarch was a difficult woman but her secretive ways continue to have repercussions even after she is gone. When Annie’s daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro) starts seeing things, Annie begins to suspect that her mother may not truly be gone.

This film has all the elements of a classic horror film – a loner child, an angry mother, a vengeful spirit. There is a doll’s house thrown in the mix, just to up the creep-factor a bit more. The trailer is visually arresting and looks terrifying. This is going to be a good one!

The Cured (24 September) – A different kind of zombie film here, which is what we need considering the number of mediocre zombie films we have had in the last 15 years or so.

In a world devastated by a disease that turns people into zombies, humans are just trying to survive. Then, a cure is discovered for the disease and former zombies slowly regain their humanity. But, their attempts to re-join society are hampered by the prejudice of survivors.

When a woman (Ellen Page) takes in a former zombie, she suffers the same prejudice but it isn’t long before she becomes suspicious about her ward’s intentions.

The recently-released trailer shows a dystopian world struggling with social issues. Horror films are in a unique position to make political commentaries and this film looks like it will be investigating prejudice and social barriers. Should be a fascinating watch.

Polaroid (1 December) – First it was videotapes, now it is polaroid cameras; retro tech has a way of summoning evil entities, it seems!

High schooler Bird Fitcher (Kathryn Prescott) uncovers a vintage polaroid camera and immediately begins using it to take photos of her friends. She soon notices that the camera not only takes a photo of its subject but includes something else, something that does not look pleased to be photographed. When the bodies start piling up, Bird heads to the police but has trouble getting anyone to believe her.

Another film for the younger crowd, Polaroid is not destined to reach the levels of popularity enjoyed by The Ring. However, it does look like the perfect escapist horror fare that will frighten you enough to distrust dark corners for a couple of days. Exactly how horror fans like it.

There are even more horror and thriller films slated for this year, many of which have limited information available about them. Closer to their release dates, we expect much more excitement to be generated so here are our honourable mentions:

The Cloverfield Paradox (4 February) is the third Cloverfield film. Much mystery surrounded the film until a trailer was released at the Superbowl followed by the actual film being released on Netflix.

The Nun (13 July) is a spin-off from the Conjuring films, focusing on the terrifying nun who appeared in The Conjuring 2.

The Predator (3 August) is the direct sequel of the original 1987 film. Details of the film are scarce, to say the least.

The Meg (10 August) is a Jason Statham-starring monster shark film. The central antagonist is meant to be a dormant Megalodon. Best not to use logic with this one.

The Little Stranger (31 August) is based on the 2009 gothic novel by Sarah Waters. The story follows a doctor who returns to the home his mother worked at only to find that it is haunted.

Halloween (19 October) is presumably the final film of the franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role of Laurie Strode to deal with her confrontation with Michael Myers.

2018 is shaping up to be the year of scares! Which film are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.


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