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Article – 10 Comic Book Genre Actors


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10 Comic Book Genre Actors

A few weeks ago the bearded king of childhood dreams himself, Mr. Steven Spielberg, made a statement that shook geeks to their very soul. He stated that he believes the age of comic book movies wouldn’t last forever and that eventually they will all go the way of the western.

The reason why this is freaking out the nerds is because once a statement is made by the master of childhood nostalgia and magic that statement is then converted into prophecy. If Spielberg has said it, then it is so.

But don’t start burning your Batman T-shirts or smashing your Iron-Man figures with a hammer quite yet true believers! Two reasons, first of all that is totally overreacting and secondly the western was popular for a good thirty to forty years before the wick began to fizzle out. That means the golden age of comic book cinema has only just hit the awkward fluff on the face, creak in the voice puberty stage.

So history may look back upon this time the same way we look back on films such as The Magnificent Seven, Once Upon A Time In The West and The Wild Bunch but which actors will define the comic book genre? Who will become the John Waynes, Clint Eastwoods and Jack Palances of our time?

How the hell should I know? I’m not Dr. Manhattan. I have however compiled a list of people who will definitely become synonymous with tight costumes and over the top cartoon violence. In order to qualify they need to have appeared or be scheduled to appear in THREE separate franchises with cinematic releases. For example Affleck hasn’t made the grade because he has only appeared as Daredevil and Batman so far. Also that rule means I don’t have to spend five hours writing out Mark Hamills IMDB page.

Chris Evans

chris evans

Fantastic Four Series, TMNT (Voice), The Losers, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, MCU Series

Chris Evans is one of those actors you originally thought was a bit of a dick but then realized the only reason you didn’t like him his because he is twenty times more awesome than you are. When he was cast as Johnny Storm people groaned but then he ended up being the best thing about those god-awful movies. When he was cast as Captain America people moaned but now I can’t think of any other actor who could play Cap with such grace or humanity. I wish I were Chris Evans. That would be sweet.

Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds

Blade Trinity, X-Men Series, Green Lantern, RIPD

Poor old Ryan Reynolds. He has yet to find a franchise to work for him! Well, I say “poor old” Ryan Reynolds but the fact remains that the dude is buff, talented and rich so why would my fat, financially crippled self ever pity him? He can’t seem to find that sweet cash cow teat to milk despite being the perfect fit for a wise cracking hero. Lets hope next years Deadpool breaks the trend for him.

Samuel L. Jackson

samuel l jackson

MCU Series, Afro Samurai (voice), The Spirit, The Boondocks (voice), Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Iconic in looks, voice and swearing ability Samuel L. Jackson truly is pop-culture personified so it’s no wonder that this larger than life personality has played many larger than life roles. Sometimes a villain. Sometimes a hero. Always a bad ass.

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson

Men In Black II, Sin City Series, Wonder Woman (voice), Daredevil, Lego Batman: The Movie (voice)

Cool, funny and talented Rosario Dawson is what many geeky men such as myself envision as the perfect girlfriend and many geeky women can look up to as a role model. Being an extremely likable person and not afraid to take on harder hitting roles RD has cemented herself as the queen of comic book cinema.

Mark Strong

Mark Strong

Kick-Ass, Green Lantern, Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Normally cast as the villain Mark gives strong (see what I did there?) performances whatever role he plays. One can only imagine how awesome his Lex Luthor could have been. You know, because he is bald.

Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh

Superman Returns, The Batman (voice), Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Dylan Dog, Arrow

Many people mistakenly place Brandon in the “Superman curse” category but those people are wrong as the man has never been out of work, especially when it comes to portraying chiseled jawed heroes off the pages of the funny books.

Jeffery Dean Morgan

Jeffery Dean Morgan

Watchmen, The Losers, Jonah Hex, Batman V Superman

One of the biggest surprises of the Batman V Superman trailer for me was “Holy shit! The Comedian is Thomas Wayne!” Whenever you hear JDM has been announced for a role most people think of it as brilliant casting. That’s because Morgan is a brilliant actor. May his brilliant comic book career long continue. Brilliant.

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin 

Men In Black III, Jonah Hex, The MCUs Series, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Not long now until Thanos gets up off his giant floaty chair and goes toe to toe with The Avengers! Alongside Reynolds and Dawson Brolin is one of the few actors who has flipped between DC and Marvel roles. Brolin also played a younger Tommy Lee Jones in MIB 3, which is weird because the next person on the list is…

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones 

Men In Black Series, Batman Forever, Captain America

Perhaps a surprise entry for some Mr Jones has appeared in comic book adaptations for over twenty years now and has starred in enough in order to garner a spot on this list. Good at playing grumpy. Not very good at playing campy (see Batman Forever).

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

The Mask, Batman Forever, Kick-Ass 2

Finally, how can one compile a list of cartoons coming to life and not include Jim Carrey? His rubber faced talent made him ideal for his portrayal of The Mask and other over the top characters. It would be interesting to see him play a darker, more refined comic book role as over the years he has proved to us that he is more than up to the task.

That is all I can think of for now but if you guys can think of anymore feel free to let us know in the comment section!


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