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Article – 72nd Festival De Cannes: Days 1 & 2


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72nd Festival De Cannes: Days 1 & 2

An all star opening on the red carpet of the 72nd Cannes film festival with Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Chloé Savigny and Adam Driver walking beside Jim Jarmusch for the premiere of The Dead don’t die. 72nd Festival De Cannes: Days 1 & 2

For years the festival keeps the tradition of choosing a film that will bring all the glitz and glamour to the red carpet, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will turn out to be the biggest hit among the critics and the audience. Being the master of avantgarde independent American cinema, Jim Jarmusch doesn’t need to prove himself, with work including titles like Only lovers left alive, Broken Flowers, Paterson that have already become iconic in world cinema. 

The Dead don’t die unfortunately fails to become one of them. A zombie awakening in a small remote American town turns the local police station with Murray, Savigny and Driver playing the lead police officers giving a battle to remain mortal. And since every little towns needs an oddball, here comes Tilda Swinton, a fearless Scot who slays with her machete-like blade and cracks the only jokes that end up being actually enjoyable. A what could have been a dark, teasing experience that Jarmusch is very familiar with, turns out to be profoundly repetitive with few scattered funny moments. 

The second day of the festival came with more forceful competitors for the Palme D’Or, Ladj Ly’s French socio-political police drama Les Misérables and Cannes veteran Kleber Mendonça Filho and co-director Julialo Dornelles with their Bacurau, a provocative genre mash-up addressing disappearance of tiny communities in northern Brazil. Through the lens of video-gamish horror, swirled with western and packed with action, Filho and Dornelles send a punchy message for their country and the current political turmoil. With references to native nations discrimination, despite its ten years in the making, the film finds its relevance in the most unique and captivating way. Violence as the directors mention in their interview to us (read exclusively on FilmDebate), is very profound in Bacurau, an element disturbingly present in rural Brazil; a strong political message for a turbulent country where communities and demographics are forced to disappear. 

 The 60th Anniversary of the Marche Du Film has come with a blow of fresh air, innovations and expansions in the layout of the largest deal-maker in the European industry. The American Pavilion, started another year of great events with their members opening party, to be followed by a week of panel discussions, talks, interviews and networking opportunities.


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