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Are You Interested In Writing For FilmDebate?

Update: 2019 – FilmDebate is on a Temporary Hiatus, We hope to return soon! 



FilmDebate is built upon our team of writers, regularly contributing reviews, articles and debates of all different topics in film & cinema.

What Can Writing For FilmDebate Do For You?

We take pride in promoting our writers individually, as well as FilmDebate as a whole. Each piece of writing you publish on FilmDebate will be promoted along with links to your individual blogs, websites or any other external pages you might want promoting. In addition, we have both a large audience, and a large social media presence. We can guarantee that your work will be read by a film-savvy audience, as well as promoted regularly to our large network of followers, subscribers and fans. Writing for FilmDebate is an excellent way to build your own online presence, gain work experience in film writing and criticism, and expand your network of like-minded film companies, people and institutions.

The way in which you write for FilmDebate is completely up to you. We have two levels of contribution, Full Contributor positions, and Freelance Contributor positions.

A Freelance Contributor writes completely at their own leisure. The only requirement is at least one submission every three months. Submitted pieces will be promoted for a set amount of time, meaning the more pieces submitted, the more overall exposure you will gain.

A Full Contributor is slightly more involved way of writing for FilmDebate. Full Contributors submit a minimum of three articles a month, and in turn are rewarded with longer promotional stretches, as well as extra promotion for their personal pages and websites.

What Are The Requirements?

The only thing we require is a good standard of writing. Any age, any profession! If you are interested in writing for FilmDebate or require more information, then Please Email:


Include an example of your writing, along with any links to your social media accounts, website, blog (etc) and a member of our team will get back to you very soon!