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The 25th Raindance Film Festival (Vue Leicester Square) kicked off with a splash on 20 September with the UK premiere of Oh Lucy, fresh from its screening at the Toronto Film Festival. There is much to enjoy between now and 1 O...


I’m old enough to have gone to the first Raindance Film Festival, back when it was held in a barn – sorry, Planet Hollywood – and they screened Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead to about a dozen people who didn’t know what was about t...


Review: There is one sequence in ‘Kong: Skull Island’ that absolutely justifies the price of admission. After a series of ill-advised bombs have been dropped to stir the ecosystem within Skull Island, an uncharted landmass that...


[Review] – ‘A Cure for Wellness’

February 26, 2017

Review: A Cure for Wellness sets itself up as an urban morality tale without much morality or much of a tale. It is 146 minutes of pure misjudged enterprise, desperately – and I mean desperately – in need of the fantastical to ...


[Review] – ‘Fences’

February 12, 2017

Review: Fences could be a landmark film in the history of African-American cinema. It is a period piece. There is no sex or gun-related violence in it. Yet it has made $50 million to date at the US box office – twice its ...


[Review] – ‘Moana’

December 4, 2016

Review: In Disney Studios latest animated film, ‘Moana’, the titular Polynesian heroine accompanied by her comic relief cross-eyed pet chicken sets out to restore the heart of a far away island with the assistance of a demi-god...