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Kevin’s Perspective: This review is coming quite late only because I write to you as someone who’s seen the film to understand the unbridled hate that surrounds it. So without further ado and with no spoilers, here goes. ...


Review: The most honest moment in Babak Najafi’s jaw-droppingly-moronic London Has Fallen comes at the very end, after all the knives have finished slicing and the guns have finished firing and the bombs are done exploding. It ...


[Review] – ‘How To Be Single’

February 19, 2016

Review: In a landscape that offers Fifty Shades of Black and Ride Along 2 as its romcom options, How to Be Single is Citizen Kane-like. That may be more of a commentary on the typical Hollywood mid-Winter fare than on Christian...


Adam has very graciously granted me a little hiatus from blogging as I work on another project. But seeing as I have a brief lull, I wanted to jump in with something. Anything. I miss talking about movies. Now, I am too late fo...


[Review] – ‘Experimenter’

October 29, 2015

Review: Imagine for a moment that you are a screenwriter. The story you are telling centers on a maverick. A man who was willing to bend some rules to get at what he considered to be important. In so doing, he pissed off a lot ...


[Review] – ‘Steve Jobs’

October 25, 2015

Review: About twenty years ago, David Koepp wrote a movie called The Paper, which chronicled a 24 hour period in the life of a major daily newspaper. Michael Keaton starred as an editor who was fighting with management over wha...