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The opening scene to a film is crucial. Those first few minutes, sometimes even seconds, decide whether we change the channel or swap the DVD so engaging the audience as soon as possible is top priority. Whether it be through f...


[Review] – ’47 Ronin’

January 6, 2014

Samurai and pirates and dragons, oh my! Review: The moment I first saw the trailer for Carl Rinsch’s Samurai epic, I instantly knew I’d love it. Laden with rich Japanese culture, stunning visuals and, yes, the occasional mythic...


[Review] – ‘Frozen’

December 28, 2013

Review: Having just returned from a week’s holiday at Disneyland Paris, I thought I’d see what all the fuss surrounding Disney’s latest princess tale, Frozen was all about. I’ve never really been one for the classic princess mo...


Review: With the camera idly panning through a thick cloudbank and the familiar jaunty notes of ‘chim chim cher-ee’ causing  toes to tap, audiences settle in for a charming venture into the magical world of flying nannies and f...


[Review] – ‘Carrie’

December 9, 2013

Review: Upon watching shiny Hollywood remakes of your favourite classic horror films, one technique to avoid the inevitable disappointment, and often outrage, is to simply lower your expectations. The ol’ “laugh it off, you kne...