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[Review] – ‘Hot Pursuit’

May 18, 2015

Review: Tell me if you’ve heard this before: a straight, overzealous law enforcement officer comes into a dangerous situation and must escort a quirky witness from point A to point B.  If it sounds familiar, that’s ...


[Review] – ‘Unfriended’

April 19, 2015

Review: It has been apparent for some time now that “found footage” movies have jumped the shark. The form is very limiting and the novelty has long since worn off. It pretty much ran a course that could have been predicted. Fr...


[Review] – ‘Danny Collins’

March 30, 2015

Review: There are several fundamental plot flaws that keep Dan Fogelman’s new movie Danny Collins from being as good as it might be. There are several veterans actors who prevent it from being as maudlin and sappy as it threate...


[Review] – ‘The Voices’

March 19, 2015

Review: I previously had the opportunity to write a review on ‘The Captive’ where I explained how amazed I was about Ryan Reynolds’ performance. A few month later, I have to reiterate and say “Wow”, once again, especially when ...


[Review] – ‘Chappie’

March 12, 2015

Review: This is truly an ordeal. Giving such a “low” grade to this movie seems unfair, but as cruel as it is, the movie is unbalanced as well. Let me explain. Six years ago, Neill Blomkamp was an anonymous director and scenaris...


[Review] – ‘Into The Woods’

January 8, 2015

Review: It would generally be unfair for me to be the one to critique a musical.  I’ve never understood the off-putting way musical characters break into song from seemingly nothing.  However, having been exposed to more of the...