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Everyone loves behind the scenes images! Enjoy these from a wide selection of films, classic & modern, across all genres . You will notice a significant difference between images from classic films, and the films of today. ...


[Review] – ‘Prisoners’

October 5, 2013

Review: So here we have the awaited ‘Prisoners’, the first international mainstream release from director Denis Villeneuve, who achieved success with acclaimed films such as ‘Incendies’ in 2010, and R...


[Review] – ‘Insidious: Chapter Two’

September 22, 2013

Review: When I first saw the trailer for James Wan’s second installment of Insidious, I thought it could be interesting. The sequel has retained the same cast and crew that saw the first film achieve relative success, so ...


Review: ‘The World’s End’, the final chapter in Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright’s comedy trilogy. A long awaited film, particularly for British audiences, but also audiences around the world. Nee...


Review: Being a fan of the former Judd Apatow ‘team’, I was pleasantly surprised when news of ‘This Is The End’ reached my ears. Especially when you consider the cast, which, including all cameos, unites...


[Review] – ‘Man Of Steel’

July 17, 2013

Review: So arrives ‘Man Of Steel’, the new addition to the ‘Superman’ franchise, and arguably one of the most anticipated films of the year. There is no doubt that this film has a lot to live up to, with Christopher...