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[Review] – ‘The Circle’

Review: The Circle has the most insultingly contrived screenplay about a complex, serious topic that I have ever seen. The script was co-written by director James Ponsoldt and Dave Eggers, on whose novel the movie is based. Tho...


[Quick Debate] – What Is The Greatest Horror Franchise?

Horror is one of the oldest genres in film, over the decades we have seen the genre expand into many sub-genres and categories. With it has naturally come hundreds of horror franchises – some that have stood the test of t...


[Article] – Taglines With Tim: The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid franchise is basically Rocky for kids, complete with montages, 80’s power ballads and against all odds, underdog comebacks. When they were good they were great, but when they were bad…they sweep the leg. Lets loo...


[Interview] – Paul Franklin – ‘The Escape’ – A Short Film

Director Paul Franklin’s drama “The Escape” will receive its world premiere on April 20th at the Tribeca film festival, and stars Julian Sands [A Room with a View, The Killing Fields], Art Malik [True Lies, Sherlock], Olivia Wi...