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[Review] – ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom lives up to its title.  The kingdom of this franchise has fallen. It’s awful. You already know what the Jurassicfilms are all about, so let’s just get into it. There’s a scene towards the ...


[Debate] – The Avengers Vs Justice League

We have a new superhero team-up in town – the Justice League. A handful of hits and misses in the DCEU franchise has finally led to the team coming together. But, despite the hype, the reception to Justice League has been...


[Article] – 4 Film Franchises That Don’t Know When to Quit

There are certain things that age well. And then there are things that just start to stink the longer they are around. A discussion of how long a film franchise should be allowed to linger before it inevitably starts to dwell o...


[Interview] – Helen O’Hanlon – ‘Mirette’ – A Short Film

Helen O’Hanlon’s charming film Mirette brings Emily Arnold McCully’s award winning book Mirette on the High Wire to life, this timeless tale stars BAFTA award winner Miriam Margolyes, OSCAR nominee & TONY winner Tom Conti, ...