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[Review] – ‘You Can Be Cured’ – By Nik & Eva Speakman

Good day, movie reader. My name is Defector of Bad Movie – Bad review, and I am mildly interested in the genre of Bad Movies. Well, it would be more honest for me to say I have a uncontrollable thirst for Bad Movies, bordering ...


[Debate] – Should Television Have a Place at Film Festivals?

Recently, the Sundance Institute unveiled its new look for the 2018 festival and some significant programming changes. During the past couple of years, Sundance has debuted new series in its Special Events section, but due to t...


[Article] – The Curious Case Of Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has had a welcome return to form recently with The Meyerowitz Stories, from director Noah Baumbach, but is this really a cause for celebration, a good Adam Sandler film, at long last. Or does it confirm our largest...


[Interview] – Angela Dixon – ‘Never Let Go’ – A Feature Film

Award winning actress Angela Dixon, (Offensive, Dead End), stars in the high-octane international action-thriller Never Let Go, which is now set for a DVD and VOD US release on 22nd August, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment...