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[Review] – ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Review: There is one sequence in ‘Kong: Skull Island’ that absolutely justifies the price of admission. After a series of ill-advised bombs have been dropped to stir the ecosystem within Skull Island, an uncharted landmass that...


[Quick Debate] – The Greatest Film Trilogy? Get Involved!

This is a huge question, we get that, but its going to be interesting to see the results… Get Involved – Vote Here & Tell Us Why In The Comments!  We have kicked things off with some suggestions – Certain ...


[Article] – Some Of The Best Film Riffs In ‘Spaced’

With news of Simon Pegg playing Unkar Plutt, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Jessica Hynes helping raise money by appearing in this years Comic Relief, it’s a great time to revisit Spaced. In order to celebrate this wonderful Brit...


[Promotion] – ‘Love The Original Way’ – A Short Film

The 8 minute short film displays a young college graduate by the name of Sissy who surrounds herself by her two gossiping girlfriends friends Milan and Laudi who encourage her to try a dating app.  Sissy as a college graduate h...


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[Article] – Redemption Review: Passengers and Why It Is Better Than 31%

If you are savvy with movies or just enjoy going to the movies to see your favorite stars, then you were just like everyone else and very excited to see Passengers. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in space – what could go wro...

[Article] – Dark Cinema: Horror from Japan and Korea

. ‘No body’ does it better… When a new era of Asian horror films entered mainstream Western cinema with Hideo Nakata’s ‘The Ring’, Asian horror movies were soon perceived to be chasing Hollywood’s more hackneyed horror ef...