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[Review] – “Ready Player One”

Review: Spielberg’s latest flick is only the second of his I’ve actually seen at the cinema, right after Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Had this been my only experience of his filmography, his reputation would surprise me. Ready...


[Debate] – The Avengers Vs Justice League

We have a new superhero team-up in town – the Justice League. A handful of hits and misses in the DCEU franchise has finally led to the team coming together. But, despite the hype, the reception to Justice League has been...


[Article] – Amadeus (1984) Revisited… The Directors Cut

Fresh from a trip to Mozart’s house in Vienna, I thought it would be interesting, once I returned to London, to revisit the acclaimed movie Amadeus, made in the 1980s. The story goes that when Milos Forman, the Czech-born direc...


[Interview] – Jocelyn Stamat – “Laboratory Conditions” – A Short Film

Director Jocelyn Stamat and Producer Joe Russell’s Laboratory Conditions has already been selected for over twenty film festivals, including Tribeca. This exciting live action short film stars two popular actresses Minnie Drive...