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[Review & Interview] – Ben Wheatley – ‘Free Fire’

Review: For years I’ve loved Ben Wheatley’s films. I was first introduced to his work in college, and became fascinated with his stylistic subversion of genre conventions. His use of genre hybridity makes for quirky, unsettling...


[Quick Debate] – Who Is Your Favourite Disney Pixar Character?

Our next quick debate has arrived, this time, we thought we would take the animation route… …and where better to start than Disney’s Pixar? So, we ask… who is your favourite Pixar character? Perhaps less...


[Article] – The Bourne Identity: The Action Movie Which Revived A Tired Genre

This reworking of a 23-year-old spy novel by the late Robert Ludlum became a success, and forced the tired Bond franchise to sit up, take notice and revamp its own style. At one time Ludlum was the world’s most successful livin...


[Promotion] – ‘Texas Heart’ – A Feature Film

A thrilling, heartfelt crime story about a former mob lawyer on the run who finds redemption by saving a young autistic man falsely accused of murder.   Links IMDB Facebook Twitter Amazon     Read Similar Article...