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[Review] – ‘Truth or Dare’

Review: What happens when a bunch of bored, party-loving and sexually curious teens visits an abandoned church on a remote hillside in Mexico? A very fucked up game of truth or dare. Jeff Wadlow’s latest horror thriller, rather...


[Debate] – The Avengers Vs Justice League

We have a new superhero team-up in town – the Justice League. A handful of hits and misses in the DCEU franchise has finally led to the team coming together. But, despite the hype, the reception to Justice League has been...


[Cannes Film Festival 2018] – Day 4 & 5 – Highlights

First half of the festival has passed and the weekend was full of highlight moments for this year’s 71st edition. Starting from Cate Blanchett who gathered all her female friends and colleagues, 82 to be exact, and posed for a ...


[Interview] – Emrhys Cooper – ‘Trophy Boy’ – A Short Film

Exclusive first look at ‘Trophy Boy’ the provocative short that has the Cannes Film Festival peering behind the facade of our obsession with social media The gritty and relatable short ‘Trophy Boy’ explores the devastation that...