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[Review] – ‘IT’

September 13, 2017

Review: The concept of a horror remake is a worrying one. We have seen too many great horror films be chewed up and spat out by studios looking for an easy cash grab. You don’t have to look much further than 2016’s ‘Blair Witch...


[Review] – ‘Death Note’

August 28, 2017

Review: When Netflix announced that an adaptation of fan favourite Japanese manga Death Note was in production, a synchronous tremor ran through the hearts of fans around the world. The Death Note anime is a cornerstone of mode...


Review: On paper, it sounds ridiculous: A young widow is followed home by the hospital sheet-draped ghost of her recently deceased husband, and he continues to haunt their modest bungalow, wearing the most basic of children’s H...


Good day, movie reader. My name is Defector of Bad Movie – Bad review, and I am mildly interested in the genre of Bad Movies. Well, it would be more honest for me to say I have a uncontrollable thirst for Bad Movies, bordering ...


Review: There is something refreshingly appealing about any attempt to rejuvenate the rather stale concept of young, passionate and uplifting love: the force that keeps the world afloat. It is not to say it has gone, but the im...


[Review] – ‘Anti Matter’

July 23, 2017

Review: Kier Burrows’ first feature film is billed as a sci-fi take on Alice in Wonderland, but while the influence is certainly apparent, Anti Matter arguably has more in common with psychological thrillers such as Memento and...