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FilmDebate is a film promotion and journalistic blogging platform, built around a large team of contributors from all over the world.

Here at FilmDebate we have two main goals. The first; film criticism & journalism. This encompasses writing reviews, articles, debates and more and covers all aspects of film and cinema. The second; film networking & promotion. FilmDebate will promote the work of others, whether it is a script, a film, or any form of media, in the hope of building a film network in which people can promote and be promoted, as well as offering a range of articles and reviews on the side!

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The Team:

We are always looking for writers, and the way in which you write for FilmDebate is up to you! As you know, here we focus on three main areas of writing; Reviews, Debates & Articles. If you wish to take a more serious role in the website’s content, then you can become a Full Contributor, focusing on two of these three areas, writing roughly three articles a month.

However, if you do not feel you would be able to contribute this level of content, then you can write as a Freelance contributor. With freelance writers the pressure is completely off! – write as much or as little as you like, across all film related topics! If you are interested in writing for FilmDebate, feel you can contribute in any other way, or simply want more information, please email If you have a film or project you want promoting by FilmDebate, then please email –

The following is a link list, click on the name of any contributor to see their articles for FilmDebate, or click on their individual links to be navigated to their respective websites, blogs or social networking accounts!


Website Administrator:

Adam Snowden@FilmDebate –

Promotions Manager:

Lorna Underhill –

Quiz Master:

Robert Ormsby

Full Contributors:

Jonathan Eig – @rockynrudy – Huffington Post – Curnblog
Tim Buckler – @BlockBusterMan – Tim’s Fortress Of Solitude
Larry Oliver – @LarryOliverFilm

Freelance Contributors:

Lestat de Lioncourt – @EnsignLestat58
Kevin Sebastian@NoxVoyager
Drew Oliver – @DrewyK – Alone In The Theater
Ruben R. Diaz – @RMartain
Katie Young – @Pinkwood – Katie Young – Author
Cookie N
Daniel Smith – Rowsey – @smithrowsey – Map To The Future – Blog
Leah Gage – @LMovieLowdown – Leah’s Movie Lowdown – Portsmouth Community Radio
Alston Rodrigues – Instagram – The Artsypant – Facebook Page – Behance
Lyndsay Townsend – @LyndsayT99
Anthony Lowery @TonyGLowery
Olatide Renee – @popcornoncouch – – PopcornOnCouch – Facebook
Adam Laffey – @AdamateurCritic – Blog – Adamature Critic
Kieran Rae – @KieranRae95
Fernando Andrade – @ExpressFilm – Blog
Nanci Rawsthorne – @nanci_lwt – Letterboxd

Former Contributors:

Nick Price – @RTWriteUpsReal-Time Write-Ups
Georgina Aindow – 
@GeorginaAindow – The Aspiring Film Critic
Jeff Payne – 
@FinalDraftX – Jeff Payne Video – FinalDraftX
Kevin Machate – 
@machate – IMDB – Website – The Big As Texas Short Film Festival
Mildred Achoch – 
@roffeke – Kenya Rock Film Festival Journal
Manish Mathur – 
@HippogriffRider – Mathur & The Marquee
Nolan Sordyl – YouTube – Instagram
Saba – 
@CloudySkyFilms – Cloudy Sky Films
Michael Keyes
@mkjk1990 – Silences Band
Mirona Nicola
– @mironatly
Jimmy Janda@jimmyjanda
Gloria Daniels-Moss
Matthew Reay  @MatthewReay – Photo&Film
Aleksandra Zakharchenko
Peter West – @PeterWest23 – Verus Movies – Dinner With Murakami
Georgie Barron
Becca Spackman
Edward Shaw @WiredFishBowl
Adam BradleyWell-Drawn Dog ProductionsWellDrawnDog Facebook
Josh Adams –
Imo BabicsFilmAware@FilmAware
Katy Embling – @katyembling
Andrew Duvall – @adduvall1984 – 1001MovieMan – Blogspot
Theo Tessa   @Theo_Tessa
Sedef Hakimgil @Essie_TweetsEssie Speaks
Hannah Wales @world_of_celebThe World Of Celebrity
Amy Ulliott@amiull90Just One More Movie



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