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[Joint Review] – ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Alston’s Perspective: 2016 is most saturated superhero year till date and with both DC and MARVEL’s two Clash of the Titans blockbusters, both of which have proven to be a success and a disappointment, we have two more to...

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[Debate] – Are Trailers Ruining Movies?

It seems like in our day and age of movies and film watching, what started out as simple advertising has grown into a huge business of its own. A simple way to advertise movies to a general audience, to 3 minute trailers showin...


[Article] – The Revival Of Folk & Rural Horror

Folk horror is a genre which emerged in Britain during the late 1960s, reviving the popularity of the horror genre after predictable Hammer Horror narratives began to fall flat with audiences. Moreover, the focus on sinister, r...


[Promotion] – An Update From Encounters Film Festival!

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival is one of the world’s best-known showcases and meeting points for emerging film and animation talent. The longest running competitive platform of its kind in the UK, Encounters seeks...