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[Review] – ‘Moana’

Review: In Disney Studios latest animated film, ‘Moana’, the titular Polynesian heroine accompanied by her comic relief cross-eyed pet chicken sets out to restore the heart of a far away island with the assistance of a demi-god...


[Debate] – On Trial – Does the World Need Film Critics?

‘I made the movie for real people who live in the real world. I made the movie for people who actually love movies and go and see movies”- David Ayer, 2016. The backlash of Ayer’s Suicide Squad receiving a dismal 26% on Rotten ...


[Article] – Kristen Wiig: Highly Skilled and Underrated?

I wasn’t sure what to write about next. My first thought was to do a contemplative piece on the best actor of our time. I poured over list after list, but all of them seemed to include the same few names, albeit in different or...


[Interview] – Johan Matton & Emrhys Cooper – ‘Till We Meet Again’ – A Feature Film

Following a successful festival run, Till We Meet Again, starring Johan Matton, Linnea Larsdotter, Emrhys Cooper and Astrea Campbell-Cobb will receive a North American limited theatrical & VOD release.  The poignant film, d...