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[Review] – ‘IT’

Review: The concept of a horror remake is a worrying one. We have seen too many great horror films be chewed up and spat out by studios looking for an easy cash grab. You don’t have to look much further than 2016’s ‘Blair Witch...


[Debate] – Halloween Vs Friday the 13th: The FilmDebate Franchise Smackdown!

It’s the eternal debate amongst horror fans: which is better, the Halloween or Friday the 13th franchises? It’s certainly a lot to take on as well- ten Halloween flicks and counting (another one is expected next yea...


[Article] – IT (2017) & Evil Dead II: A Comparison

Last week I saw IT and I loved it. It was my first proper experience of the story, I never saw the original two-part TV movie, and what with the original novel being 1,138 pages long and me being a lazy man, I haven’t read the ...


[Interview] – Kaveh Mazaheri – ‘Retouch’ – A Feature Film

Kaveh Mazaheri’s Iranian film Retouch has enjoyed a successful film festival run, winning at three Oscar qualifying film festivals, including: Tribeca Film Festival (Best Narrative Short), Palm Springs Shortfest (Best Live Acti...