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[Review] – ‘You Can Be Cured’ – By Nik & Eva Speakman

Good day, movie reader. My name is Defector of Bad Movie – Bad review, and I am mildly interested in the genre of Bad Movies. Well, it would be more honest for me to say I have a uncontrollable thirst for Bad Movies, bordering ...


[Debate] – Should Television Have a Place at Film Festivals?

Recently, the Sundance Institute unveiled its new look for the 2018 festival and some significant programming changes. During the past couple of years, Sundance has debuted new series in its Special Events section, but due to t...


[Article] – Is Disney’s Media Monopoly A Good Thing?

In unsurprising news Disney has announced another move to extend their global media empire, with their own streaming service, which will no doubt have other steamers looking over their (digital) shoulders, indeed Netflix is alr...


[Promotion] – Raindance Film Festival Announces Highly Anticipated Line-Up

The 25th Annual Raindance Film Festival Jack O’Connell, Sean Bean, Christopher Eccleston, Ewen Bremner & Jamie Campbell Bower amount festival jury members Oh Lucy! Directed by Atsuko Hirayanagi, staring Josh Hartnett,...