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[Review] – ‘The Neon Demon’

Review: A beautiful nightmare set in the bruising world of the LA modelling scene, Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest offering is like feasting on a delicious Champagne truffle, only to find a maggot buried in the centre. While the ...

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[Debate] – Are Trailers Ruining Movies?

It seems like in our day and age of movies and film watching, what started out as simple advertising has grown into a huge business of its own. A simple way to advertise movies to a general audience, to 3 minute trailers showin...

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[Article] – Censorship, Cinema and The Kiss

This year on July 21st, it will be 120 years since an 18-second short film elicited strong reactions from 19th century movie goers. A critic wrote: “The spectacle of the prolonged pasturing on each other’s lips was ...

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[Promotion] – ‘Circadian Rhythms’ – A Short Film

A mysterious neurological condition compels a young man to run at night, experiencing a transcendent euphoria. As his everyday life begins to seem fickle in comparison to these profound experiences, a rift is created between hi...