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[Review] – ‘Nerve’

Review: These days the internet has become very important in our daily lives, we use it to learn, share, communicate and also for entertainment. The internet definitely has many advantages but also a lot disadvantages, which is...

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[Debate] – Multiple Movie Titles

It is apparent to many that the English language differs in vocabulary, dependent on cultural factors, regions and all that jazz. Though, sometimes the differences warrant a question mark…Two titles, one movie; one very c...

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The FilmDebate Contributors Collaborate – Our Three Favourite Trilogies…

. The sixth in our ‘contributors collaborate’ monthly feature…this time, we discuss our three favourite trilogies Adam Snowden 1. Lord Of The Rings – Cinematic masterpiece. To achieve the level of entertainment and engagement t...

The Residue of a Relationship

[Promotion] – ‘The Residue of a Relationship’ – A Short Film

Filmmaker Brett Chapman spent his whole life obsessed with the movies, so when he had a chance encounter with a Swedish girl in a Dutch hostel he pulled out his camera and began to bring to life the movies he’d always adm...